Tuesday, January 7, 2014

#grateful 365

I did it, I jumped on the grateful band wagon.  Did you see the video? I tried to upload it, however I am not savvy enough to figure it out, so here is the link #grateful365.

Anyway.  The idea is that we can get bogged down by the negatives in life.  The negative friend who has nothing joyous to say.  Or the news that only seems to report tragedy and horror.  Or the negative self talk that lingers in our own brain.  This challenge is to find something everyday that brings you inspiration/love/happiness or gratitude.  The idea is that once you start focusing and looking for these things, the harder it is to gravitate to the crap out there.

So I started on New Years and I post it on my instagram feed.  Feel free to follow. http://instagram.com/violet90

grateful for naps

grateful for coffee

grateful for beautiful days to run in.


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