Friday, October 24, 2014

where does the time go?

Hot damn this has been a busy month.  October is our last month in Seattle for..... a while.  We are packing up and heading South for about 7 months.  This will be the longest "trip" we have taken.  And although we are going to our home, Seattle still remains my anchor.  I don't know if it is this hard for others to move.  But for me, I feel like it is opening a new chapter when I am not ready or willing to close the current one.  Funny analogy with books, because similarly I will purposely hold off on finishing a book because I am not ready for it to end.

I realize its a bit dramatic.  Clearly my life and friends will not end once I move, but they wont be as assessable and that is a hard pill to swallow.  Like I won't be able to jump in my car and have lunch with my bestie, the one who knows something is wrong simply by a text.  Or I won't be able to snuggle her sweet newborn any time I want.  The friends are have here are lifers, you know.  Those are hard to come by.

But I try and remain positive and excited for what California brings.  New friends with great Mama's.  A great school for Max to attend with great teachers.  GREAT weather.  My garden. A bigger house.  And of course new adventures.  It's just weird......

Besides the preoccupation of the move, I have been busy snapping tons of photos.  I started FancyPants Photography on Facebook.  Not a full on business but a starting point to house some of my work.  It was pretty nerve racking.  Putting up your "art".  Having people critique it or remain silent.  But I said "F" it.  It is time! I have got some likes which makes my heart happy and I have gotten some business (not just from friends, yeah).  It feels pretty damn good!

Bring it next chapter!



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