Monday, October 20, 2014

Gemma's arrival

Look at what I got to do! Not only did my bestie have her baby, I was there to capture some of it on camera.  Newborn photography is great.  What a moment to capture.  I still look at mine and sigh.  I wish now I had some professional pictures taken.  

And can I say, watching your friend who you have loved for decades become a mother for the first time is super emotional.  You can only convey in words the wonders of motherhood and holding your child for the first time.  But words don't even skim the surface to what it is actually like.  I am so happy for her and her new family.  

daddy love
she is already so tough
a proper introduction to the tribe

Friday, October 17, 2014

Oh the things kids say....

Max has been full of it lately.  Full of one liners and piss and vinegar.  Oh three's how you love to torture thee.  But I will survive.  At least one of us will.

The other day Max was way to quiet in his room.  When I entered I got a whiff of something sugary sweet.  As I investigated, I relaxed he had got into my stash of jelly beans (approx 20) and a lollipop.  When I asked him what he did, he blushed as said-I ATE THEM ALL MAMA!  I responded with, while shaking my finger, "you know that is not OK".  The response, "Damn it". "You want a spankin"?

Now before we get all crazy about spankings.  This is a term I used most lovingly to all my friends and family.  You know, if my hubby doesn't take the trash out, I immediately follow up with, -Do you want a spankin.  It's sort of my thing.  That and-Who wants a knuckle sandwich.  Weird I know, don't judge.  SO needless to say, I sort of couldn't get mad about the candy eating incident.  I was too busy hiding my laughter.

However this did back fire a little on me today at school....shocking right.  I went to pick Max up from school, and of course he was not ready to leave.  When I told him again that it was time to go, he smirked at me and asked....."Do you want a spankin"?  As I could see the horror in the other adults, I just super awkwardly lowered my head, grabbed his hand, and walked him out of the classroom.  Mama of the year!!!!

Max also told me the other day that he was pissed out.  This I decoded as pissed off, as daddy so loving told him the night before.  We are a family with choice words I realize.  We are working on it people. :)

So, in hindsight, we are eating our words now that we have a parrot in the house.  My husband jokes that at least he is using them correctly.  As if there is a silver lining.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

pumpkin patch

Pumpking patches are always a ton of fun.  I can't get enough of them.  I could go to one every weekend.  The petting zoo's and pumpkin pie! It is funny how before we had Max, a pumpkin patch was the last place on earth we would go.  And now, we look forward to it!

Snow cone all to myself....what!

hi there

this one is good mama


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

6 days old

I'm starting to get my feet wet!  Here is a newborn session I did.  Man, how delicious! I could shoot them all day.  But you better bring your patience.  Shooting newborns is not a quick deal.  We are talking about almost three hours.  You gotta change them, feed them, prop them-and then do it all over again (about 4 times).  
Worth it? Definitely!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Bachorlette time!

A few weekends ago we set off for a weekend get away to celebrate my sweet friend Megan.  She is tying the knot in Mexico in February.  We loaded the cars and headed about 3 hours East.  A great time was had.  Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity?  What a good time.  However it states that its a game for horrible people.  I guess we fit the bill.  It was pretty inappropriate and right up my alley.  

We dank many cocktails, played games, ate tons of food, hit up the local dive bars and passed out.

The Bride......I believe she had a fantastic time as well.  However, she can't remember most of it.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

welcoming fall

Have I mentioned that I love fall?  I couldn't remember!  :)
Oh fall, how I love thee.  And the picture taking opportunities are endless!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

A wet day, but us transplant Seattle-lites could not be bothered.  What is a little rain?  So max ran through every puddle he could find.  He even managed to catch a glimpse at some wildlife.  I think I was more impressed with that part, as most parents are I suppose.  We were able to get up close and personal with Bears, Moose, Eagles and Bison.  Way cooler than a zoo!

This Conservation center was really cool actually.  It had over 200 acres.  Taking care of injured or orphaned animals.  And those that could be released back in the wild were, while others were given a permanent home.  Super cool.  Felt good spending money there to support this organization.

Max found his favorite animal.  A roller!

orphaned baby moose