Wednesday, July 31, 2013

lil good in the neighborhood..

Last Tuesday I met up with a friend for a play date at a park. We were looking forward to going to this park because it had new spray/water feature recently added.  Perfect for this warm Seattle weather we have been having.  Once we arrived we realized there was a lunch program going on.  Free lunch? Awesome! Who turns down a free lunch right?

But who gives away a free lunch?  
United Way is who.

They created a summer program at this park to feed kids and teens who need a good, healthy lunch.  So many families have a hard time feeding their kids in the summer without the assistance of school programs, etc.  

I felt guilty in partaking in this free meal since we are fortunate to be able to feed our family, but I did vow to make a nice donation to the United Way. 
I think it was a good reminder for me to give thanks to agencies all around the country who try to make things a little easier on those who could really use the help.  So many of these organizations go unnoticed, and we don't realize all they do for the community.
I encourage you, if you are able to do a little research and donate your time, or money to a local charity.
I know we are going to.

A yummy lunch was served.  Sandwich, veggies,
apple slices, and milk

Max actually ate his pastrami sandwich!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

a lil bit country...

I had the recent pleasure of attending a lovely wedding.  She is a sweet friend of mine and it took place two hours outside of Seattle at her Fathers lake front cabin. It was so sweet and perfect.  I just love weddings.  I love all the meanings wrapped up in that day, minus the stress of it all.  This couple did it right.  Help from friends and family made this day come together and the best quote of the night came from the bride when she said this wedding is "dripping in love".  
That it was.

And another bonus, I was able to turn this event into a girls weekend!  My bestie and I were able to hang and connect, which we had not been able to for some time.

We danced, drank too much sangria and danced some more.  A great evening! A perfect evening!

and baby makes....five

A few weekends ago Max and I headed south to visit my dear friend Dawn and her new baby girl.  They recently left Bend, OR for Vancouver, WA which is great for me because they are that much closer now.  Only 2.5 hours rather than 7.  

Sweet Ava was just two weeks old when we arrived.  I had forgotten how hard a newborn can be.  All new and fragile.  Squishy and soft.  I was reminded at how crazy that time was for me when Max first arrived.  Not knowing what to do, but feeling that instinctual pull on how to care for him.  How stressed you could become just at them crying and how you wished they would just sleep for more than 3 hours.

Oh, and how it gets so much sweeter and better.  How you fall so much more in love with them as time passes even though you think it can't be possible.

It was great seeing their family grow and how everything must seems to fall into place.

Kaia, Ava and Gianna

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Currently {a link up}

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Max is currently reviewing all that is around him.  He is chatting up a storm and constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY asking; mama, what dis? Mama, mama. Mama, mama!  I sort of want to pull my hair out.  But I guess you can't fault one for their persistence. It will pay off one day.

Max is currently wishing his mama was full of constant chatter.  He is always up for a good conversation.  He is also wishing he could see all the choo choo's in the world.  He is so intrigued by them.  Every time he hears one he stops, takes in a huge breath and shouts-Mama, Mama! Choo CHoo.  Followed up by chugga chugga chugga choo choo.

Max is currently eating a little more meat.  Since its BBQ season he has been open to taking bites of    hamburgers. I love that!  

The hubby and I are still trying to eat well and juice as much as possible.
I am currently eating too much.  As always.  It just brings me so much JOY!

Max is currenlty carrying all this toys to the car or for walks.  As if he will never seem them again.  I have to limit him to three.  It is pretty cute watching him trying to stack 8 cars in his arm.  And of course he doesn't want any assistance.

Max is currently running circles around us.  This energy has totally kicked up a notch.  He wakes up 
and he is off. Climbing all over the couch or what ever human or dog that is in his way.

cars in tow
yes, that is a water fountain

Monday, July 22, 2013

Fire Festival

A few weekends ago we attended the Fire Festival in Pioneer Square.  Have I mentioned that I am really falling more and more in love with my neighborhood?

We walked to Occidental Park to see all the vintage rides and Max decided to bring a set of his own wheels.  He demanded he push it the whole way. Mama and Dada could not assist in this process.

Max's eye lit up as soon as he saw all the red trucks.
Ohhhh, Wow!
I love seeing all that excitement in him.

A talking fire hydrant of course
vintage Police cars

Then after the show we decided to try our luck and take Max to a restaurant.  It's hit or miss right now if he is gonna play along or not.  I'd say this day he wasn't really in the mood to cooperate, but he wasn't a total butt hole either!

Delish, right?
exhibit A
God I love Mayo!
Its always a good festival when pipers are involved!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dancing fool...

My little dancing fool! 
I just love the way he shakes that hand of his.
I hope this is only a glimpse of what is to come!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Enjoying some sun

We needed to get out of the house, it was too hot to be inside.  Our friends live right next to Seattle Center so we decided to pack up and take them to the splash park.

Have I mentioned that Max is a fish.  He jumped right in.  I barely had time to get him changed.

After the dip, we headed out to the center where the Pride Festival was going on.  It isn't every day that you get to see a penis dressed in a sweater! You gotta love Seattle!

Max loves to help


Nice sweater


Every Thursday at the sculpture park in Seattle there are events that include live music, wine, and food trucks. So my friend and I thought it would be a good idea to bring our lil monsters along for the ride.  Can I say that toddlers, and wine don't mix! 
Or rather toddlers and relaxing while drinking wine don't mix.  While shoving my delicious Croque Monsieur down my throat and chasing Max I was made all to aware that the single bottle of wine we had bought would not suffice.  Perhaps no amount of wine would of been sufficient.   
It's not everyday that you are chasing kids down a grassy hills hoping your child doesn't fall into someone else's picnic or steal someone's fries. Which of course Max attempted. 

What a stressful event. 
Of course Max and Shea had fun though.

I'd probably do it again? Just cause I refuse to not do fun things.  But next time  I would definitely bring the daddies along for reinforcement. Or maybe just restraints.