Monday, July 22, 2013

Fire Festival

A few weekends ago we attended the Fire Festival in Pioneer Square.  Have I mentioned that I am really falling more and more in love with my neighborhood?

We walked to Occidental Park to see all the vintage rides and Max decided to bring a set of his own wheels.  He demanded he push it the whole way. Mama and Dada could not assist in this process.

Max's eye lit up as soon as he saw all the red trucks.
Ohhhh, Wow!
I love seeing all that excitement in him.

A talking fire hydrant of course
vintage Police cars

Then after the show we decided to try our luck and take Max to a restaurant.  It's hit or miss right now if he is gonna play along or not.  I'd say this day he wasn't really in the mood to cooperate, but he wasn't a total butt hole either!

Delish, right?
exhibit A
God I love Mayo!
Its always a good festival when pipers are involved!


  1. So it's not just my toddler that doesn't like being in a restaurant?!

    1. Nope! I think toddlers ALL have a secret mission to spaz out at dinner time :)

  2. This looks like a good day. Kale is totally hit or miss (with a lot more misses) when it comes to restaurants too.