Sunday, July 14, 2013


Every Thursday at the sculpture park in Seattle there are events that include live music, wine, and food trucks. So my friend and I thought it would be a good idea to bring our lil monsters along for the ride.  Can I say that toddlers, and wine don't mix! 
Or rather toddlers and relaxing while drinking wine don't mix.  While shoving my delicious Croque Monsieur down my throat and chasing Max I was made all to aware that the single bottle of wine we had bought would not suffice.  Perhaps no amount of wine would of been sufficient.   
It's not everyday that you are chasing kids down a grassy hills hoping your child doesn't fall into someone else's picnic or steal someone's fries. Which of course Max attempted. 

What a stressful event. 
Of course Max and Shea had fun though.

I'd probably do it again? Just cause I refuse to not do fun things.  But next time  I would definitely bring the daddies along for reinforcement. Or maybe just restraints. 


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