Sunday, September 28, 2014

welcoming fall

Have I mentioned that I love fall?  I couldn't remember!  :)
Oh fall, how I love thee.  And the picture taking opportunities are endless!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

A wet day, but us transplant Seattle-lites could not be bothered.  What is a little rain?  So max ran through every puddle he could find.  He even managed to catch a glimpse at some wildlife.  I think I was more impressed with that part, as most parents are I suppose.  We were able to get up close and personal with Bears, Moose, Eagles and Bison.  Way cooler than a zoo!

This Conservation center was really cool actually.  It had over 200 acres.  Taking care of injured or orphaned animals.  And those that could be released back in the wild were, while others were given a permanent home.  Super cool.  Felt good spending money there to support this organization.

Max found his favorite animal.  A roller!

orphaned baby moose

Powerline pass-Anchorage

Alaska with out a doubt is beautiful.  Although I missed that memo while I lived there.  But you can't deny it, it is stunning.  However, every time I return to Anchorage I am plagued with the same thing.  Emptiness.  Emptiness for a place that I once called home.  This messes with my mind because I am a person who tries to find meaning in things.  Purpose.  And when I return to Anchorage I expect to be filled with nostalgia, and I am not.  

I am working on it, I think.  I was told recently in a "reading" to find that girl who once experienced much joy in her youth.  Find her and remind yourself of what that felt like.  So while I was in Anchorage I tried to find her.  And I did, sort of.  I found her in the parts of Anchorage that were so beautiful.  Hopefully I can hold on to those images/feelings.  Because what a shame not to.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Currenlty {a link up}


You know the drill.  I follow Harvesting Kale to link up to what people are up to, currently.

This weeks themes;
Calling, Loving, Eating, Riding, and Wishing.

This week I have been calling the fall goddesses to come forth and bring her beauty.  The energy in the air is magnetic.  And unlike spring that represents rebirth, fall sort of brings reflection.  I have always been drawn to reflection.  Looking at what has transpired.  What joys I had experienced and what things I may want to stray away from.  Things I can do better, and things I need to do more often.  Max has been calling for everyone.  His mouth is moving a million miles a minute.  I can remember wanting him to talk so badly.  Now I am looking forward to a little silence. The grass is always greener.....

I am falling more in love with Max, if that is possible.  I am loving his conversational skills. (although not ALL the time, non stop)  Not just with me.  But in his pretend play.  Or more so, what others tell me he said when I was gone.  Like the other day school came up and Max told my friends that his school is "really expensive".  What?  I mean, how does he even know what that word means?  And his school isn't expensive.  Rather, its super affordable.
~Also I have my first paid photographer gig in October! I LOVE taking pictures.
Max is loving all legos and mini lego movies on YouTube.

We have been indulging a little more in comfort food.  We are eating pastas, curries, and soups.  Well I have been eating that.  Max sticks to his favorites.  PB&J.

We have been riding around in all sorts of things.  Airplanes, cars, trams, vans and foot.  We however aren't riding our bikes as the weather is changing and its too wet out side

Wishing.....Max is probably wishing for more toys and less time-outs.  As for me, that is a loaded question.  I'll keep it easy and just make a list.
  • Fertility
  • A easy last week of pregnancy and gentle birth for my Bestie
  • Health for my family
  • feel my feelings
  • confidence
  • patience
  • love
  • 10 pounds to melt away (effortlessly, thank you)
  • chips and dip
  • naps.
Ha. I could go on and on!

Plane ride with "Q" in tow
think we may know what he wants to be for Halloween
caught in the act

Besties nursery is the sweetest

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

dog days...

The other day we saw pumpkins at the market.  Max got super excited and asked me to buy one.  I realized at that moment he was having a memory.  And perhaps this happens more than I realize, and I am a big jerk for just now "getting" it?  But it feels like recently he is starting to remember events that took place a year ago.  Like Christmas and now Halloween.  I am loving that he is at an age where things are starting to stick.  And memories are being formed and relocated.  I only hope years from now he looks back and remembers these times as fondly as I do living them now.