Thursday, September 25, 2014

Powerline pass-Anchorage

Alaska with out a doubt is beautiful.  Although I missed that memo while I lived there.  But you can't deny it, it is stunning.  However, every time I return to Anchorage I am plagued with the same thing.  Emptiness.  Emptiness for a place that I once called home.  This messes with my mind because I am a person who tries to find meaning in things.  Purpose.  And when I return to Anchorage I expect to be filled with nostalgia, and I am not.  

I am working on it, I think.  I was told recently in a "reading" to find that girl who once experienced much joy in her youth.  Find her and remind yourself of what that felt like.  So while I was in Anchorage I tried to find her.  And I did, sort of.  I found her in the parts of Anchorage that were so beautiful.  Hopefully I can hold on to those images/feelings.  Because what a shame not to.

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