Thursday, May 31, 2012

My little bean is now 11 months old.  I know I always say this, but he is changing so much and so fast.  He is walking all over the place, except of course when I want him to.  He chases Ozzie around, pushes his truck all over and goes in and out of rooms with out a problem.  He is now starting to climb furniture (not happy about that) I foresee some accidents in our future.

He continues to eat everything I place in front of him, however now I can see a pause.  I think he is wondering what I am giving him and where the sweet stuff is.  He is starting to take food out of his mouth, and my thought was he didn't like it but then he puts it back in. Go figure.

He is snuggling more and more.  He walks over to me and gives me a big hug.  I am trying to teach him "kisses" but as of yet, I am just laying them on him.

Sadly, he isn't sleeping through the night yet, and I am eagerly awaiting that blissful day.  However, that day has yet to arrive.

He continues to love the water.  We bought him a little plastic pool that I can't wait to try out (pictures to come)

I could go on and on.......he is the love of my life.  I often stop and stare at him in total amazement.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Max got a new friend this weekend.

His name is Smith.  Isn't he adorable?

Thanks Auntie Merry, we love Smith

Oak Grove

I was doing a little research on places to go, and I found this place in Northern Stockton.  It had a lake and a playground so I thought it would be fun.  But like we have found, things in Stockton are just a tad bit shady.  This park you actually had to pay to enter. Odd right? And when you entered, it was no more than a standard park. Covered in goose poo.  Oh well. It was nice to get out and see new things.  I think Oz really enjoyed the poop :)

so brave to cross the tunnel

another day at the beach

While Merry was in town, we decided to hit the beach.  We gathered up the posse and made the trek back down to Santa Cruz.


Max loves the guitar

Then after some beach and sand play, we headed off to Capitola

love the color of this house


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a few additions

This weekend we were so happy to have my BFF come for a weekend visit.  First on the agenda, a girls day! That of course meant a trip to the tattoo parlor.  I found a place that was recommended by a few people I know.

Hard Luck Tattoo in Lodi.

Merry and I first got our "friendship" tattoo's when we were 18.  A long, long time ago.  We both got butterflies.  Now, years later, we got our second round of tats.  This time keys, and a baby infinity symbol.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I bought this truck for Max two weeks ago when he was starting to walk more.  I thought the handle would help in assisting him.  He loves it, and he should, he picked it out.  Usually we just play with it in the house, but today I wanted to him to stretch those short, little, pudgy legs.  So, we took his big boy truck outside for a day on the town (or the front yard)

ohhh, grass

look ma, no pants :)

I'm loving all his new expressions

especially this one.  Its his walking face.

mother and son

catch ya later!

Monday, May 21, 2012

just a lil follow up...

Since my last Target experience didn't go as planned, I tried a different approach.  Thought I'd share.

So maybe putting him in the big part of the cart doesn't win me parent of the year, but it sure made shopping a lot easier.......and yes, I do go to Target a lot :)


This past weekend we headed down to Southern California to visit some friends, The Case's.  It is interesting comparing So. Cal. to Northern California.  I haven't decided which I like better.  So Cal definitely is "more" California.  More palm trees, more moisture in the air, but also more congestion.  I think I like them both equally, but for different reasons.

On our weekend trip we did a lot of different things.  We went on a field trip with Dylan's class to visit a Wolf sanctuary.  It was cool to see them close up.  Then we went into the town of Julian, which is know for its pies. Very tasty.  I was also able to throw in an antique store as well.

look at that face!

Then it was off to the beach. We headed to Manhattan Beach.  Rob nor I had been before so it was a great opportunity to check it out.  We ate fish taco's at Wahoo's and then headed to the sand.

at Wahoo's.  "No salt please, just lime"

Dylan, Liam, Max and I

On our last day, we hug around the neighborhood.  Played with some toys and hit the pool.

Liam and Max. I love Max's face is this picture

lil sunblock


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Max's first haircut

Well it was time.  He was starting to look unkempt.  Like his parents didn't care about him. A little semblance to a mushroom. And he had this unsightly rat tail growing in the back. (which Rob was sad to see go)

He did well.  He didn't however like the clippers much.  However, he was distracted by the cookie offered to him.  Such his father's son :)



and after pictures are coming....... He looks like a little boy now, rather than a little baby :(  The countdown to One begins.