Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Meet Up

The internet is a wonderful thing.  I am always online searching for things to do. Whether its a family outing or just something for Max and I.  On this site, meetup.com I am able to search for other peeps that are out and about doing things I might be interested in joining.  I've joined two so far while in Stockton.  One is Baby Bootcamp.  I know, it sounds silly.  But I actually really like it.  I am able to get my workout done, bring Max and meet other moms.  I go three times a week and so far I've meet some nice people.    The other is just called, playtime. It is just a group of moms that meet up a few times a week at random places to have play groups.  I've gone to one at someones house, and today we went to one at a park.  Again, met some nice people.

snack time

he loves to play with his stroller


It definitely helps getting out of the house and talking with other moms.  Max is enjoying himself too.  Constantly exploring new places and seeing what trouble he can get into.

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