Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Butt Head!

Now I know it's not nice to call people names, especially your child.....but if the shoe fits!  As we inch closer to his first birthday I am noticing behavior that is far from the sweet little boy child I had. Now I am not saying ALWAYS.  He is still my sweet boy, BUT there are little tantrums now, and struggles to get his diaper on or him changed. 

However, this is not the behavior that warrants the name calling.... Mr. Butt Head is starting his little tantrums when we go shopping.  Shopping is suppose to be mama time.  Were I can leisurely walk up and down aisles, and peruse new sale items.  But no....not this day.  First he wouldn't sit straight in the cart, then he wanted to stand in the cart, and after numerous times of sitting him back down, facing forward, the tears. Oh the TEARS!!!  Needless to say, my shopping adventure was cut short, and I was grumpy.  Max however, was very pleased to be out of the cart.

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  1. LOL,I love the one of him standing backwards and crying! Oh, and this is the story of my life as well. :)