Saturday, December 29, 2012

Well Hello 2013

For the longest time, the hubby and I have been gigantic fuddy duddies on New Years. Not this year however.  We are going to Par-Tay!!!  Well, not really.  We party parents style.  Dinner with friends, then back to the house to watch the fireworks shoot off while stuffing our face with chocolate fondue and champagne.  Fabulous right?  Agreed.

I am looking forward to throwing on a dress, some sparkly jewels and seeing the hubster in a suit!

Its on 2013, its on!

Resolutions? Anyone????

Have you ever made a resolution and achieved them?  Ya, me either.  Maybe that is why I get the dirty look when I ask others what their New Years resolutions are.

"phish, I don't do those"
"resolutions are for dummies"

Well, even though I haven't been successful, I am still optimistic.  However, I have changed the game a tad.  Instead of having my resolutions be about removing something from my life, I instead make it more about what I will be adding.

It's more like a bucket list for 2013.

I am still mulling over what this list will look like but I know a few that stand out.

      *Travel internationally.
      * Redo my bedroom.  Creating a relaxing oasis.
      *To a great, present parent!
*Be Fabulous.

SO, not too long of a list just yet, but it is a start.  

2013 is gonna ROCK!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Christmas Recap

So I figured a good way to capture the month was to put it in a handy slide show.  I am by no means computer savvy so this stupid slide show took me FAR too long.
Forgive the amateur production and 

Hope you all had a great Holiday.  I hope you held your loved ones close and marveled at the magic the holidays bring.

I myself got misty eyed a few times watching Max enjoy his toys, or having Pancakes with my neighbors or dinner with my best friend.

This time of year makes it loud and abundantly clear how lucky and privileged I am to live this life.  I don't want to take even a moment for granted.

Ginger cookie men....

On Christmas Eve, my neighbor and I ventured out onto shaky territory.  Crafts with eddibles.  Gingerbread Men.  I took a deep breath and we went for it.  I forsaw cream cheese frosting all over me and the monster, furniture and maybe the cookie.

It went better than I expected, however we didn't get much deocroating done as Max was eating everything I put on the cookie. 

Stella and Leigh fared better.  They actually completed there GBM, while Stella enjoyed snacks along the way.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Monday, December 24, 2012

awww shucks

Merry Christmas Eve Ya'll

These two were taken last year.  
I just wanted to post them cause they make me smile so. 
 I mean look at that belly!

Now I must go and help Santa prepare for the festivities!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Oh date night, how I love thee.

Last night the hubs and I snuck away for a little alone time.  Little vodka, little bruschetta, and a large singing Elf. 

It was a great time. 

If I wasn't already in the Christmas spirit, this sure catapulted me there.

We even got a little dressed up.  I think I might of even wore perfume.  Only bummer was that it was  pissing rain! I so wanted to be the couple that enjoys that scene.  You know were the rain is cascading down all misty and your partner leans over so lovingly and kisses you all passionately.  No, didn't happen. We just ran from covered spot to covered spot trying not to jab each other with our umbrellas.

Oh Santa.....

I just love me some awkward Santa photos.  And how mean are we that we force our little ones to sit on some strange man's lap all for the sake of tradition.  Well, what ever, I will continue to prolong and perpetuate this tradition until Max can verbally say no or is no longer bribed by goodies to cooperate.

Here is Santa from 2011-Max could clearly give a shit.

Here is Santa from 2012-Max was clearly not very pleased or impressed.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas past

One of my favorite things at Christmas when I was younger was decorating the tree.  Pulling out ornaments from the year before and remembering where I was when I made them or where we bought them.  I loved the tradition of it all.  After my mother died things sort of got lost in the chaos, and one of my biggest regrets is losing those boxes of Christmas ornaments.  I wish so badly I had those today.  Things that would remind me of my childhood, and of my mother.  If I had only remembered to grab those boxes.......

I try not to dwell on that time, or what was lost.  So this year with Max we start the tradition again.  I find nothing sweeter than handmade ornaments, so Max and I (with a lot of convincing on my part, and perhaps a little bribing) created this.

I get all warm and squishy inside imagining these ornaments hanging from his own tree when he is a man.


You know whats not easy?  Pushing this gai-normous shopping cart down the isles of a busy supermarket.  What was I thinking you ask?  Well, it was a toss up.  I knew I had a lot on my list so I debated.....put Max in this fun cart for some distraction or put him a regular/normal sized cart and shop at super sonic mom speed to get it all done before he lost his shiz.  Well, I should have went for the normal cart because as fate had it, Max lost his shiz anyway.

Max 1, Mom 0.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rub a dub dub

What is it about bath time.  I love taking pictures while he is in the bath.  Maybe because he loves it so much.  Or maybe it is because I can tease these boys later when they are much older.

"Look whose naked!".  Bah Ha Ha!

The "N" word

NO! No No no no no NO!

I hate this word now.  It may have once been a favorite of mine, but those times have passed.  I liked to use that word to be cute or annoying (guess it matters who you ask).  Can I borrow this....NO.  Wanna come over...NO.  Of course I am just kidding.  It was just quick reply that was intended to be funny. Charming, really.

But NO just doesn't have the same ring when it comes out of a toddlers mouth.
Do you want milk? No!
Do you want a snack? No!
Do you want kisses, diaper change, snuggles? No, no, no!

Gesh son, cant you think of a more creative word?

My god, he is my son.

GRRrrrrrr............. Not to the being my son bit.  You know what I mean.

"Max,  No saying No".

Got it? Good!

Pin Pin Pinning!

Have you seen these little beauties floating around pinterest?  Did you think, hey those look easy.  I can do that!  Well I did, and I did!

They were scrumptious little things, and very cute.  I might add a little more cheese next time.  You can never go wrong with that.

recipe: pinterest

These too caught my eye.  I love the presentation.  Great for a party! AND very yummy!

source: pinterest
Homemade Fruit Tart 1 sm package Pillsbury sugar cookie dough, 1 8-oz package cream cheese, softened, 1 lg container cool whip, 4 cups of fruit. Cook sugar cookie dough either as 1 large pizza, small cups or small cookies at 350. Do not over cook. Whip cream cheese, add cool whip. Mix until smooth. Place in Ziploc bag, cut off tip, pipe frosting. Decorate with fruit

Max and Stella enjoying our snacks afterwards.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Disheartened, disillusioned, and disappointed.

My heart is heavy and I have had a constant lump in my throat all day. Complete and utter sadness for the children who were murdered, and for the parents grieving the loss of the children they will not tuck into bed tonight.

I can not begin to imagine their pain. The void that is in their chest as they try to make sense of this tragedy. Why would anyone want to hurt your children? They haven't even begun to pave their way, make their mistakes, and fall in love. How can you want to extinguish a light that hasn't even begun to burn yet?

My heart and thoughts go out to everyone who was affected by this senseless tragedy. Peace be with you all!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

French onion goodness...

French onion soup is one of my all time favorites. So you can imagine my excitement when I realized how easy it was to make. It is a little laborious, but this soup is worth the work.

I found this recipe for The Pioneer Woman. She is pretty fricken' amazing! And she takes some fantastic pictures as well.

So give this little lovely a try! You won't be disappointed!

French Onion Soup
Prep Time: 20 Minutes Cook Time: 2 Hours Difficulty: Easy Servings:6

Print Recipe
1 stick Butter
4 whole Large (or 6 Medium) Yellow Onions, Halved Root To Tip, And Sliced Thin
1 cup (generous) Dry White Wine
4 cups Low Sodium Chicken Broth
4 cups Beef Broth
2 cloves Minced Garlic
Worcestershire Sauce
Several Thick Slices Of French Bread Or Baguette
5 ounces, weight (to 7 Ounces) Gruyere Cheese, Grated
Preparation Instructions
Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
Melt butter in a heavy soup pot or Dutch oven over medium-low heat. Add onions and cook, covered, for 20 minutes. Place soup pot into the oven with the lid slightly ajar to ensure the onions will brown. Allow onions to cook in the oven for 1 hour, stirring at least once during the cooking process so onions won’t stick and burn.
Remove pot from oven and place back on stovetop over medium heat. Stir, scraping off all the brown, flavorful bits. Turn off heat and pour in wine. Turn heat back to medium. Cook wine for five minutes, allowing it to reduce. Add broths, Worcestershire Sauce and minced garlic and reduce heat to low. Simmer for 30 to 45 minutes.
Butter one side of the bread slices and broil over low heat, allowing bread to brown and become crispy.
When soup is ready, ladle into bowl or ramekin. Place crispy bread on top, and then sprinkle generously with grated cheese. Broil until cheese is melted and bubbly.
Serve immediately.

Chooo chooo

Winterfest is in full swing at the Seattle Center. Music, Christmas trees, holiday performances and last but not least the amazing chooo chooo train. It's mesmerizing. Especially if your 18 months old and about two feet tall!

Max loves the chooo chooo. Really any chooo chooo will do. Thomas the Train is a favorite too.

That almost sounded like it was out of a Dr. Suess book. Enough PBS cartoons for me......

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What is it about the holidays?

This week has been a sad week in our household.  Our dear friend in New Mexico called to inform us that his brother had died.  He had taken his own life a few days earlier.  And last year around this time as well, my hubby's step-brother also took his life.

It is a crazy thing, the holidays. How they are intended to bring people close to celebrate, yet some are so consumed by loneliness.  I can not imagine what must be going on in ones mind to feel that ending your life is a better option than living it. What a dark place that must be.  I do not at all pretend to know what that place is like, and my heart aches for anyone who resides there.

The hubby and I have been doing a lot of talking lately on how we can be better siblings, friends and partners.  How to make sure those we love know it and feel it.  How our expectations of others matter not, but what is paramount is our love for them.

I know I say this often, but life is so short.  Especially when you are taken too early.

I hope now you can Rest In Peace...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday traditions....

Every year, for many years us girls get together for good food, good drinks and good laughs. This year was no exception. We met at one of my favorite restaurants, Ray's Boathouse ( whom have the best clams) for story-telling and gifts.

Of course our story telling is ALWAYS inappropriate and I usually end up laughing myself into tears. I would elaborate but fear I might offend some readers. Surprisingly we did not offend the other patrons. Our table was actually gifted a bottle of wine for our joyous laughter and spirit! Spread that holiday cheer y'all!

I love Christmas!

Wake and Bake

I spent all of yesterday in my kitchen. I had envision a day of mindless baking while listening to Christmas carols. However, day turned into night and it wasn't until 10:00pm that we were packing our goodies away.

Still wouldn't of changed it. It was fun to
bake with my partner in crime. Around 4:00 we openned a bottle of wine an really got the party started.

I think this will have to be come a tradition.

Friday, December 7, 2012

poor sicky

There is nothing sadder than a sick baby.  Max woke up at three in the morning on Monday burning up. After three days of fever, it finally subsided.  However, his evil twin irritability decided to stay awhile longer.  Our neighbor friend has the dreaded Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.  Heard of it?  What an awful, awful illness.  Poor things.  Anyways, my thoughts were that Max contracted that since it is highly contagious.  Except there is no physical evidence yet? No bumps, no blisters.  But today, I am starting to believe it is HFM, because he won't eat anything that irritates his throat.  Only grapes, and yogurt. So sad.  Cause I can tell he is hungry.  I tried to give him avocados today and he tried to eat it but then ended up screeching in pain. 


I hate seeing him this way.
  I sure how this blows over soon.  Mama is in sure need of a good night sleep.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


It is almost daily that the monster does something that makes me laugh or sigh in delight.  The other day while I washing dishes I turned around to see Max sitting comfortably in the Tupperware drawer.  Now, maybe he is like his mama and has the same love of Tupperware that I do, but please child.  We don't sit on the Tupperware.  We are civilized folk.

I've heard that from 1-2 years your child will change so much and almost daily.  Isn't that the damn truth.  Max is changing at super sonic speed.  I keep having to tell myself to enjoy the moment because far to soon, it will be gone.  I tell my hubby that too.  I've said, now might be hard or trying but soon, sooner than we want, he will come home from school, go straight to his room and slam the door.  Wanting nothing to do with his uncool parents, well semi-uncool parents.

I try to treasure these moments. Breathe them in. I even imagine/daydream telling him about these moments when he is a father himself. Him sitting in the drawer, playing quietly with his cars, or running a muck in the grocery store. The best of times!

I have found nothing greater than being Max's mama.

Stella and Dot

I am sure you all have heard of this brand right? Stella and Dot.  Super cute accessory line.  I had heard of parties in passing but had yet to attend one.  That was until I was approached at a play date I was having.  She came up, introduced herself and quicky apologized for being annoying (which she wasn't, props to her for being asseritve)......and handed me a Stella and Dot card and mentioned that she did parties if I was interested.  Well I am always looking for a reason to throw a party, drink wine and see my girls. Win Win!

SO that took place this weekend as well.

If I wasn't so frantic buzzing all over the party I might have taken some pictures.  But sadly, I did not.  I did however reach into my pinterest goodie bag and made some appetizers that had caught my eye.

source: pinterest
source: pinterest
I of course tweeked these recipes a bit, but they are pretty close to the original.  Yummy, easy, and great presentation!

All my lovely girlfriends spent a pant load on jewelry, which in turn gave me a hefty credit.  I bought the one necklace I had my eye one.

What do you think.....
Stella and Dot

Although I have party anxiety, (who will come? Will they have fun? etc etc) in the end, I am glad I did it.  I enjoy prepping the food, buying the wine and chatting with my friends.  Doesn't get better than that.

BTW I am still full.  I think I ate my weight in Brie Bites.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Party fun!

This weekend was our little friend Stella's birthday party! Who doesn't love a party?  Max walked around keeping to himself as usually.  That was until the cake came out.  Then he was trying to finagle a bite from anyone willing to give it up.  Someone has a sweet tooth just like dada.  

Little embarrassing trying to peal this lil one off the laps of people I didn't know, as Max kept repeating, bite, bite, bite!

See all that drool on Max.  Very chic!
make a wish...
he loves this phone. He chatted away  during most of the party.
pirate booty
nom nom
whatcha doin?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Brain freeze

I am at a loss. For words that is. Not sure what to bog about lately. Or what would even be remotely interesting to others out there.

The week has been great. Filled with reunions with friends, play dates, parties and wine. All note worthy, but probably a bore to you all.

I'm hoping for a resurgence in creative juices, and funny happenings. Until then I leave you with a cute picture of our tree. 24 days till Santa comes!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

say cheese....

I have been taking photographs for a few years now.  I really have enjoyed it.  More than I thought I would.  And now with the Monster, I find I am always shooting!

My hubby bought a Cannon Rebel xTI for his work years ago.  I of course stole it.  I even took a class two years ago to get familiar with my DLSR.  It was a pretty good class, but what I realized and what the professor emphasized is that artistry and creativity cannot be taught.  Hard to swallow at first since I don't really consider myself creative, but I knew he was right.  Thankfully it didn't sway my stubborn nature.  I still get out and challenge myself to shoot what I love.  Mostly candid shots of people I love.  Those are the easiest subjects.

This weekend a friend of mine asked if I'd be willing to take their family pictures.   I jumped at the chance.  To really expand my scope sort of speak.  It was a really cool experience.  It only lasted about 35 minutes as both of us were in a hurry and we had a busy toddler to contend with.

But I must say.  They didn't turn out to shabby.  I hope I get more opportunities like this.

Here are some from that day!

Thank you B. Family for letting me torture you with my camera!