Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas past

One of my favorite things at Christmas when I was younger was decorating the tree.  Pulling out ornaments from the year before and remembering where I was when I made them or where we bought them.  I loved the tradition of it all.  After my mother died things sort of got lost in the chaos, and one of my biggest regrets is losing those boxes of Christmas ornaments.  I wish so badly I had those today.  Things that would remind me of my childhood, and of my mother.  If I had only remembered to grab those boxes.......

I try not to dwell on that time, or what was lost.  So this year with Max we start the tradition again.  I find nothing sweeter than handmade ornaments, so Max and I (with a lot of convincing on my part, and perhaps a little bribing) created this.

I get all warm and squishy inside imagining these ornaments hanging from his own tree when he is a man.

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