Sunday, December 16, 2012

The "N" word

NO! No No no no no NO!

I hate this word now.  It may have once been a favorite of mine, but those times have passed.  I liked to use that word to be cute or annoying (guess it matters who you ask).  Can I borrow this....NO.  Wanna come over...NO.  Of course I am just kidding.  It was just quick reply that was intended to be funny. Charming, really.

But NO just doesn't have the same ring when it comes out of a toddlers mouth.
Do you want milk? No!
Do you want a snack? No!
Do you want kisses, diaper change, snuggles? No, no, no!

Gesh son, cant you think of a more creative word?

My god, he is my son.

GRRrrrrrr............. Not to the being my son bit.  You know what I mean.

"Max,  No saying No".

Got it? Good!

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