Sunday, November 24, 2013

My model

Like I mentioned before, Max is my primary model.  However, if it was up to him, he'd run from the camera. In these instances I just strap on my zoom lens and snap from a distance.  He is none the wiser. We went to a park after one of my Barre classes and I was super stoked to see that the leaves we still scattered all over, and the colors were still vibrant.  Max did his normal exploring, falling in the leaves and rolling around in them.  He also tried out the merry-go-round for the first time?  I hated those things.  Just watching him made me want to vomit.  I was a little afraid he'd go flying off, but to my delight, and luck he held on for dear life and giggled the whole time.

love the colors

hold on buddy! 

action shot

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

To potty or not to potty

So I have been dreading this day, milestone, what ever you want to call it.  I mean, what a concept, teaching some one to pee.  Why would anyone want to pee in a potty when you can so easily go in your diaper.  You don't have to stop what your doing, eating or sleeping.  You just go.  The freedom you have.  So I thought teaching this concept to my dear child would be some what "challenging".

I didn't really read much on it.  And I know there are hundreds of books.  I just decided to read the cliff notes.  Here is what I gathered.
  • Don't rush them
  • Let them buy their own underpants
  • buy a potty
  • and bribe, bribe, bribe.
Alright, got it.  So first, we read books on how big boys go pee in the potty.  He seemed interested. However he seemed more interested in the Cars that were on the characters underpants more so than the actually peeing. .  What ever, right?

And then I got him the potty.  It was Mickey Mouse and at the time, for that month, he loved Mickey Mouse.  I showed it to him, we talked about it and then.....the talk about how you get a lovely piece of chocolate (mini chocolate M&M) if you go pee pee in the potty.  Well my boy is very motivated by candy so this was looking good.

First day.  A success! He did it.  I couldn't believe it! This guys actually sat down and did it.  I was pretty proud of myself...well and him too :)

So now is just the follow through.  When we get home from our day out, we strip off the diaper, throw on some Cars underpants and see what happens.  A few accidents have occurred and I know there are to come, but I am super happy that my lil monster is checking off another milestone!

how cute is that rump?
It't a party in the potty!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Ready, set, shoot!

Living Social was offering a deal for a photography class and I took a leap and bought it.  I looked at her website and liked her style of photography and thought, why the hell not.  I need to gain some new perspective and I need to do some stuff just for me, mama.

So we met up at a coffee shop in West Seattle where we went over some camera basics.  Most I already knew, but there was still a chunk of stuff I didn't know.  I won't bore you with those details.  But the coolest part was that she had a model for us to shoot.  We were able to test out how to shoot in different lighting types and how to actually pose a model.  And can I say, this model was freakishly gorgeous.  She was a professional model and she was amazing.  Every time I made eyes with here in my view finder I think I blushed a little.  

Overall it was a great experience.  I have been inspired to take more pictures.  I don't know if I will ever pursue this as a career, but I do find a lot of enjoyment out of it.  Who knows that the future will bring.  But as of now I need some fresh meat to shoot.
Any takers???

Kim, the model
Candice, the teacher

See what I am saying....

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


The other day I googled gyms with daycare and this popped up.  I had taken a Barre class before and liked it.  However, I couldn't justify finding a sitter for the monster just so I could take a class.
And then suddenly the clouds parted and a soft voice rang over me (or from my google search) that told me, "muffin tops are a thing of the past, come, come and join us.  So I did.  I LOVE IT! It is a kick ass work out that literally has your muscles shaking (which is the goal). It is so clean and light, the employees are so nice and most importantly Max loves the daycare room.  And an added bonus, all the instructors are gorgeous. It helps with the motivation.  An oddly enough it doesn't make me want to crawl in a hole and critique my own thighs.

I copied this from another blog because I am to lazy to do so... But read it.  It's a good description.  I recommend you google this too, and hopefully there is one in your area.

Barre3 helps to balance, strengthen and lengthen the body with moves inspired by ballet, yoga and pilates. sadie lincoln, barre3 founder, works closely with a team of experts including yogis, professional dancers, doctors, and athletes to craft highly efficient workouts. Focusing on a unique combination of dynamic movement and isometric holds, the sequences work strategically to transform the body and develop long term postural benefits.

google image

google image

Monday, November 11, 2013


I feel like I leave out so much that Max is doing.
The small things that I will forget if I don't write it down.

So here we go-

*Max will be two and a half next month.  Oddly a lot of things open up when he hit this age.  More indepenedent activities where mom doesn't need to be holding his hand. Yippie.

*Max is signed up to start gynmastics next week.

*Max absolutley loves preschool and tells me bye once we walk in.  Hurts the heart a little, but I am so happy he likes it and is flourishing there.  He even waves to his teachers.  I love that!

*Max is repeating everything we say now, minus the swear words, although I know that is coming to an end.

*We finally have a success in the potty!! Oh yeah!

*We are leaving for Panama mid January for a month!!!!

*Max asks to brush his teeth now.  He simplys says, "toothpaste, toothpaste".  Which is honestly the only reason he will brush his teeth.

*Max still constantly asks for snuggles.  Which I never grow tired of, unless it's when I'm cooking or have my hands full.  But I still try and stop what I am doing to snuggle.

*Max loves to run, and usually will say, "racing".  I think he thinks he is a race car.

*At night lately we have been saying good bye to the things we say during the day.  Bye bye fire truck, Bye bye leaves, Bye bye Dadda. etc.  Freakin' cute!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

whose the cutest ring bearer?

I am not gonna lie, I was a tad bit scared (terrified) when my SIL asked if Max would be the ring bearer in her wedding.  I had visions of him wailing down the aisle, inconsolable, causing a huge scene.  Not that he does this mind you, it was just my crazy vision.

But, to my surprise, he did great.  He did however race down the aisle nearly taking out the flower girl. Which of course would of been horrific. But the guests seem to really appreciate these miniature creatures coming down the aisle of the church.  It was if they had their own little paparazzi.

And can I just say, who doesn't look great in a tux. I may, just cause I can, dress him up in it monthly just so I can fawn over him.

At the wedding he could not be stopped.  He was the only child there, as it was an adult wedding, and we were outta-towners with no babysitters.  But he danced the night away.  All the young cute ladies gathered around him, egging him on.  It was stinkin cute.  He was a natural!

And the Bride and Groom! Beautiful!

Magic Max
bustin' a move


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Currently {a link up}

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Currently I am craving soda.  But of course I try not to drink soda so I don't keep any in the house.  So in times of desperation I either will drink water, or my other fall back, wine.  Tonight I am trying to just drink water.  Max is craving chicken.  Which is great because for a long time he wouldn't touch it.  That or any meat really.  Now he will eat chicken nuggets.  I usually get the tofu kind.  I know, weird, but at least I know its pretty healthy and he likes it. 

Currently I am waiting for my hubby to return home.  A lot of work has fell on his lap and he is off in California to tend to it.  The single mom gig is no joke.  I am already tired and it hasn't even been a week yet.
I could of gone, but I feel I need to settle a bit, we have been goin, goin, goin for a while now, and we have Panama coming up.  Max is currently waiting for more chocolate.  Even when he first wakes he asks for it.  This kid loves his candy.

Currently I am remembering nothing important.  I know, boring right.  Max is remembering a ton.  He is remembering his numbers, faces, locations, and prompts-like no hitting.  It's the little things.

Currently I am liking the Barre3 classes I have been taking. They are kicking my butt! In a good way.  I have been sore for over a week now. And they have childcare, AND Max actually likes it! YES!  Max has been liking his new potty we bought him.  He sits on it, however there is no action.  Baby steps though.  At least his hasn't refused it all together.  I am nervous about this whole potty situation, but I guess it is time.

Currently I have been cooking small things and nothing creative.  But this weekend I am having a ladies craft night where I will be making a warm corn and jalapeno dip.  Should be tasty! I am also looking forward to cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  We are hosting it this year and it should be fun! And yummy!

wuz up!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall festivites

We returned home from the East coast last week.  A great three weeks were had, but I have to admit I was happy to return home.  To my own bed, my own stuff and a little more to do.  Vermont is cute and quaint, but damn is it remote.  You can kind of understand how some one like Misery Chastain was created, even if it was only fictional.

So while out East, we went to a pumpkin patch, played in a ton of leaves, ate a lot of pizza, toured a sugar shack, went to a cool water park, and visited a lot of general stores.

It was great seeing so much family that we rarely get to see.  We try to make it out once a year, but when you are surrounded by everyone, once a year doesn't seem like enough.

Well, till next year.

Monday, November 4, 2013


Halloween in our house was a big success.  He isn't quite old enough to really understand the implications around Halloween (i.e dressing up, scaring people and roaming the streets in the dark to take candy from strangers), but he did pick up on the free candy part pretty quick.  Of course he wouldn't say trick or treat, but he did say bye.  

And if you are wondering about his costume, yeah, he is a little German Oktoberfester.  If that is even a costume.  It was part laziness and part lacking creativity.  The hubby wanted Max to get a lot of use out of the lederhosen we bought him a few months back.  I put up little fight.  However, when people asked what he was, saying a German was not really funny, or cute or scary.  FAIL!

Next year its on!

Lucy and the German.
Have some?