Monday, November 4, 2013


Halloween in our house was a big success.  He isn't quite old enough to really understand the implications around Halloween (i.e dressing up, scaring people and roaming the streets in the dark to take candy from strangers), but he did pick up on the free candy part pretty quick.  Of course he wouldn't say trick or treat, but he did say bye.  

And if you are wondering about his costume, yeah, he is a little German Oktoberfester.  If that is even a costume.  It was part laziness and part lacking creativity.  The hubby wanted Max to get a lot of use out of the lederhosen we bought him a few months back.  I put up little fight.  However, when people asked what he was, saying a German was not really funny, or cute or scary.  FAIL!

Next year its on!

Lucy and the German.
Have some?



  1. I love the costume :) He's so sweet. Just wait until next year!! Kale was CRAZY about Halloween this year!

    1. Awww, thanks! Yeah, I can't wait for him to be super into it!