Monday, April 29, 2013

My lil fish

I am pretty amazed at how well Max takes to the water. Seriously, no fear. Which is totally opposite of me who is sort of consumed by fear.

So when Max dunks under the water and pops up with a glimmer of panic in his eyes, I turn off my over reactor mama button and cheer with glee that he held his breath and made it back to the top!

And crazy kid, he does it over and over again. He actually just jumps right in. He even pushes my hands off him as if he can just paddle his lil ass away.

Ugh, enough to give me a small heart attack.

Well we start swim school for Max next week which is right about perfect timing. Now only If I can find a class for me.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Vibe Run

Well I officially did it. I ran my first 5k. I know, not a marathon or anything, but it's something I can cross off my bucket list.

And it wasn't as hard as I thought. I mean, I ain't no runner, and I think I did pretty well. A 5k is about 3.1miles and we did it in about 45 mins. Not too shabby for this out shape mama. But I'm slowly working my way back. Started back up with Baby Bootcamp, eating well and juicing daily.

Progress not perfection right!

Damn straight!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Currently {a link up}

I must first preface this post with saying, I'm really not feeling all that bloggy lately. Not too sure why either. Maybe it's because I don't have a proper computer here in California and blogging from my iPad is just so anti-climatic. Anyways, I will struggle through it. Unless I want an earful from my father, my most beloved follower.

So you know the deal, I link up at for my themes. Do check her out.

Eating-we as a family are eating tons better. I juice almost daily for the hubby and I and he reports having lots and lots of energy. Max is eating pant loads of fruit still. He is also loving toast for breakfast. He often asks me for it. "Toes", "toes".

Drinking- Coffee, smoothies, and a cocktail. In that order. I should probably slip more water into that mix. Max is still devouring his milk.

Wishing-that more of my girlfriends lived in Cali. But equally as thankful for the friends I have made here. Max is wishing for a backyard. Or wait, that's my wish!

Loving-California. But not that lack of homes for sale. Finally we are ready to pull the trigger and buy a home here, and nothing. No stinkin inventory! I am also loving how Max's attitude has flipped back to the sweet toddler I know. I think Max is loving the ability to play in the water here and going on bike rides with the hubby and I.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The initial transition from Seattle back to California always takes a minute.  But it does get easier each time.  The weather has not disappointed.  Warm, sunny and blissful.  I already have a flip flop tan line developing.

Max is loving it too.  Meeting up with our new friends, playing outside at parks and going on bike rides.  Happy, Happy, Happy!


Friday, April 19, 2013

Joys of mama-hood

With all the tragedies happening of late you can't help but examine your own life and cherish the people that are in it.

Even with all the tantrums and spazing out, I would not trade one snuggle or kiss from my monster. Daily and I am reminded at how much I have. An amazing husband, son and life. Never did I dream that life would work out so perfectly. I really want for nothing. And with that said I am also reminded at how fast things can change.

I snuggled Max a little tighter as I heard about the 8 year old boy who lost his life in Boston. I ache for his parents. I can't imagine the emptiness they must feel. I must remind myself to not take a moment for granted. Even the hard ones.

Monday, April 15, 2013


I swear California has the best selection of produce. And it's so stinkin' cheap. So of course we had to juice here, I mean how could we not. I've been on a juice kick for awhile now and I have to say, it has not disappointed. Energy is up and I think my waist is slowly growing smaller. I hope anyways.

More so than that is the benefits we are getting from juicing. I mean there is no way we could consume this amount of fruits and veggies if we relied solely on chewing them. We'd be eating them all day. But with juicing, I get in kale, chard, cilantro, celery and carrots not to mention the fruits in one big glass. And no, it doesn't taste amazing (yet) but I know the benefits are far greater than the bitterness.

Do try it and research it. You will be convinced!

Gettin' our ride on

The joys of parenting. I get to do real cheese-y shit (that I secretly adore) like barricade my son in a mesh trailer and riding him around town.

It was super fun and Max loved it. Aside from the helmet! Safety first right? The hubby isn't a fan of the helmet but who wants to be the jerk that doesn't make your kid "suit up"?

Anyways. It's a great way to get outdoors and get exercise! Love it!

A Taxing day

Twenty one years ago my life change forever.  As I have written before, my Mother was taken from this world far too early and much to tragically.  I was retelling the hubby about the dreadful night.  How I was awaken by a loud thud on my door.  To open it and see a Police Officer and my father standing in my door way.  Hearing those fateful words, "Your mother had died honey".

So of course this day sucks.  It sucks every year.  I am flooded with memories of how, when and where I was when I was told that my mother was killed in a car accident.  Killed by young kids who had too much to drink.  I try though, I try to keep the day positive.  I try to remember her laugh.  Her hands.  Her smell.  But you know what?  It kills to try and have to remember.  How her memory, every year that passes is more like a slide show in my head.  More like a movie I had seen long ago.  Not my actually life, my own actual Mother.

I can say though, becoming a Mother has helped me in my grieving.  And has expanded my love for my mother.  A Mother I didn't really get a chance to know.  I know now how much she sacrificed for me.  How much she loved me, as only a Mother can for her child.  I know how precious moments must of been for her as she feed me breakfast or got me ready for bed.  And I know this now because they aer so precious for me.  I thought about that tonight as I was reading and dressing Max for bed.  How tender and sweet that moment was, and how my own mother probably felt the same way about me when I was a baby.

So as this day was heavy on many levels, I write this with a semi smile as I remember her.  She was Thirty Six when she died.  In one month, I too will be Thirty Six.  It brings another onset of heavy emotions.  I wonder if I was taken now, what my "legacy" would be.  Would those around me know how much I loved them, and needed them in my life?  I truly hope so.  Because with out them, I would be and have nothing.

Rest in Peace, Mother!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Wind storms in California are no joke!

Look at that tree!

Cool, but Mother Nature can really kick some ass.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Currently { a link up}

On to our Wednesday link up from Harvesting Kale.  Do go check her out.  She's pretty funny!

Max is currently entertaining no body.  Harsh right.  Well truth hurts, bad.  He has had a bout of the terrible twos lately.  I am hoping this is not a preview of what is to come.  He seems miserable with all the crying and tantrums.  He may only be entertaining the on lookers who gawk at us as he flings his body on the ground.

Max is currently holding as many things as he can.  Kind of cute to watch.  He will grab all his cars at once and walk over to me with satisfaction in his eyes.  While I am simply holding on tightly to my sanity!

Max is currently building roads and bridges for his cars and trains.  He is still in love with ever thing car.

Max is currently smiling less right now, but when I do catch a glimpse of it, it makes my heart melt.  I am currently smiling at the prospect of buying a home in California.  Makes me giddy.  And the sun! That makes this mama smile!

Max and Mama are currently frowning more than we would like.  It feels like I am failing at what he is trying to communicate to me.  Why does he seems so grumpy, and dramatic.  I swear if I redirect him, its like I killed his dog.  There seems like little I can do to make him happy.  Its draining.  We do have our good moments and snuggle and giggle.  I just need those to happen more then they are right now.

An ode to Seattle

Our last weekend in Seattle was gorgeous, as if to remind us to not forget her.  I will admit, every time I  go to California it gets a little harder to leave.  I think if it weren't for my friends and family in Seattle we would pack up now and move.  The sun is so powerful.  Addicting.  Everything is just BETTER in the sun.

I snapped some pictures during sunset.  I love that light.  You almost can't take a bad photo!

look, look!


Bend as usual was a great time. It's funny when you have known someone for so long. I've know Dawn now for 20+ years and of course we have seen each others glorious moments, and moments not so glorious. We were making dinner one night and I started reminiscing. I used to drink (or try rather) a 40oz of Ol' E with this girl. On her water bed. We used to steal her brothers car and "Cruz" the Anchorage streets at night. We were rebels with no cause, no direction and making trouble. Not a ton of trouble, but trouble enough. Now, both 36 with kids, her with her third on the way, making dinner, swapping recipes and attending soccer practice. I am pretty sure this never crossed our minds when we were 13. Or even 21. But I know we both couldn't be happier.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

So long Seattle!

This is the third time we have packed up our Seattle home for a long extended trip to California. This process usually stresses me out, the organizing, the packing, the saying goodbye to friends and the comforts of "home". But it is also an exciting time. Sunny weather, beaches and reuniting with new friends that I have made.

We flew to Bend, Oregon last night for a week visit before we meet up with the hubs in Cali. Bend is so nice. Sunny, peaceful! But man do I hate flying. And although its only a 45 minute flight, we had to do so in one of those rickety propeller planes. Not my favorite. But we made it one piece.

Enjoying time with one of my oldest and dearest friends and her two daughter, with a new one in the way! We have lots of adventures planned for this week and can't wait to share them with y'all!