Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Bend as usual was a great time. It's funny when you have known someone for so long. I've know Dawn now for 20+ years and of course we have seen each others glorious moments, and moments not so glorious. We were making dinner one night and I started reminiscing. I used to drink (or try rather) a 40oz of Ol' E with this girl. On her water bed. We used to steal her brothers car and "Cruz" the Anchorage streets at night. We were rebels with no cause, no direction and making trouble. Not a ton of trouble, but trouble enough. Now, both 36 with kids, her with her third on the way, making dinner, swapping recipes and attending soccer practice. I am pretty sure this never crossed our minds when we were 13. Or even 21. But I know we both couldn't be happier.

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