Monday, April 15, 2013


I swear California has the best selection of produce. And it's so stinkin' cheap. So of course we had to juice here, I mean how could we not. I've been on a juice kick for awhile now and I have to say, it has not disappointed. Energy is up and I think my waist is slowly growing smaller. I hope anyways.

More so than that is the benefits we are getting from juicing. I mean there is no way we could consume this amount of fruits and veggies if we relied solely on chewing them. We'd be eating them all day. But with juicing, I get in kale, chard, cilantro, celery and carrots not to mention the fruits in one big glass. And no, it doesn't taste amazing (yet) but I know the benefits are far greater than the bitterness.

Do try it and research it. You will be convinced!

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