Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!!

This Christmas was pretty special. It was of course Max's first Christmas, but it was also the first Christmas Rob has ever spent with his Father and Sister, and my first Christmas in 15+ years that I spent with my Father! It was a great day!!! Hope you all had a Christmas filled with laughter and love!

this was Oz in 2009 (I think)

Grandpa Mac

Baby Santa

Oz got his own basket of toys

Grandpa and Grandma McCallum


Grandpa Callagy


Auntie Nicole

let it snow.....

When we first arrived in VT, we were surprised by the lack of snow on the ground.  I thought it would be covered in the white stuff.  But after a few days, the snow started to fall. We of course had to get out and play in it.

Max's new ride

Ozzie loving the snow


faster dad...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

adventures, adventures

Here are some random shots of us goofing around Vermont.......

staying toasty warm 

apparently Vermont has the most covered bridges

Max is putting everything in that mouth

Burlington ,VT.  Its a little over a hour away.  The biggest town near us.

Oz loves the snow

Out to Lunch is the ski trail outside our condo

now thats a lot of syrup


I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but Warren is the cutest place.  We have been exploring daily, even if it is stomping around outside our place. The temp varies so much, from 5-10 degrees one day, to 35 degrees the next.  But it is pretty consistent with the blue skies, which we love!!!

blending right in.

exploring around the condo

oz is fitting in as well

home sweet home

this is in our backyard

back side of the condo