Monday, December 19, 2011

A day in the country....

Now that we have unpacked some,  we wanted to do some exploring.  We headed to the Village at Sugarbush, then off to Waterbury for some lunch.  Everyone is so nice here. Apparently Waterbury was pretty damaged during Hurricane Irene, but thankfully they are up and running again.  Then off to Murray's to pick our very own Christmas tree.  Usually we just hit up a home depot :)  When we asked someone where we could buy a tree, he looked at Rob confused and said, "why don't you cut your own tree down?"  GOOD point! So we did.  

dad went to go pick up his season pass 

then off to lunch at this cute cafe.  Was tasty!

Then off to cut down our tree.

whoo hoo!

hmmm, what tree to pick?

Get to work mama

whatchu looking at?

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