Monday, December 19, 2011


On the road again...

Auntie Kerri

some McCallums


so sweet

Let the new adventures begin!

We arrived in Vermont on Wednesday night after a long day of travelling.  We left New York at 8am, where I left Max's diaper bag (don't worry, they are sending it back to me), and made a pit stop in Warwick, RI to see some of my McCallum Family.  It was so good to see them.  It was also a big event for us because it was the first time my father has meet Max.  It was great watching Grandpa and Grandson.  A memory I am sure I will never forget.

After we filled our bellies with snacks, we headed back on the road.  5 hours later, we reached our destination.  The Callagy Condo.  It is so cozy here.  We promptly lite a fire and settled in for the night.  Max is getting used to the time change and is doing well with that, thank god :)

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