Tuesday, August 27, 2013


A lil catch up.....

What a busy few weeks we have had, my goodness.

~I finally got an adjustment after 9 long mounts.  My neck was screaming at me so I couldn't put it off any longer

~My best friend got married (I was lucky enough to be her photographer). More to come on that later.

~Planning and preparing said friends wedding celebration.

~Bought a house......oh yeah, did I mention we've been looking to buy?

~Max is still in preschool and is doing so well.

~Getting Max fitted for his tux for my SIL wedding.

~Was asked to be a bridesmaid in my dear friend Megan's wedding.  Mexico here we come!!!

~Making last minute decisions about our upcoming Panama adventure.

Now that's a mouth full!
Will post on these topics soon, right after I take a nap.

mama's new shoes
Max's first tattoo! Too early?

hardest bike ride eva!

I swear, the whole way upto Discovery Park I was plotting my husbands death.  How could he take me on such a trek.  I mean he knows my capabilities.  
I was one unhappy camper.  And just when I thought I had conquered my last hill, he would look back at me and say, ok-the next one is going to be a little bit harder.  Seriously, I was pissed.  Perhaps irrational, but still pissed.  I guess he knows me to well.  Had I knew what I was in for, I would have no way, never ever agreed to go.

Looking back, I can't say I'd do it again, but I sure like looking at the pictures of my two boys playing in the sand.

BTW- it was a 14 mile bike ride. And about a good 5 miles were up freakin' hill!

Ok, I am done.

Sunday, August 25, 2013


I feel like this isn't the first time I have used this title....

I think it just may be a recurring theme! 

Who walks in heels and skinny jeans while wearing an almost toddler? 

Really?  I can barely do this with with a purse, let alone a human.

Freakin' celebrities!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

a day at the park

It is becoming a little bit of a tradition, our bike rides to Alki on Sundays.  We usually head out after Max's nap.  That perfect time of day when the sun isn't so high, and it is resting on the horizon perfectly.  Its about a 14 mile ride and is pretty easy (flat).  Max seems to dig it as well.  Once we arrive at the beach, we park our bikes and walk over to Slices, the local pizza place on the beach walk.  I love watching Max enjoy his pizza.  Seems simple enough, but I just love watching him eat.

Then we walk next door for ice cream.  Another one of Max's favorites.  He gets his sweet tooth from his dadda.  Max does a little dance, stomp, hand clapping presentation when he knows that ice cream is coming.

After we have fully gorged ourselves we walk over to the Whale Park for some swinging and exploring!

It's a great way to spend family time, and recharge for the upcoming week.

"Whale Park"

Thursday, August 15, 2013

with a bit of coaxing....

So in previous post I had mentioned that the hubby and I were at a crossroad on whether or not to have another baby.  If you remember he was 90% no.  I was 100% crushed.

We talked through it, and I let it lie.  I know my hubby and I know he has to sit on an idea for awhile.  It took him about 3 years to really coming around to the idea of having our first monster.  Agreeably, the best decision ever!

I am not too sure what made the hubby start to come around, and honestly I wont spend much time wondering about it.  But we are finally conversatin' about the idea of a second bambino.  A precious, sweet, non-sleeping, bundle of joy.  And isn't it Murphy's law that as soon as the hubby started talking about baby #2 I swear I could feel my ovaries retreat.  Like, Oh damn, shit just got real.

As of now no real decisions have been made, and if you ask him, he still has officially gave his blessing on the matter, lol.  But I think we are gonna try for the new year.  I am super excited, and super nervous!

I mean do I really want to look like this again?

But how could I not want to snuggle another one of these again.  No question!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I hate shots!

My poor lil Monster.  We had his 2 year check up (finally) and it of course involved a few shots.  Upon walking in to the hospital, Max was already a lil reluctant.  As I would be as well.  Nothing good really ever happens at the doctors.

I have to admit I was a tad embarrassed at the opposition and fit he threw, but I couldn't really blame him.  The doctor even asked me if, "he usually throws these sorts of tantrums".  And instead of providing her with a tongue lashing I just simply replied "yes....jealous?"

But I can report that Max is about 2'10, and 30 pounds.  He is looking good and healthy.  He is reaching all his milestones, talking up a storm and running a muck all over town.

We can't get enough of this lil Monster!

A tape measure for distraction.
Amazing what a mama carries in her magic purse.

Add caption

Sunday, August 11, 2013

our meeting....

So where did I leave off?

Oh yes, Lisa Fox.

Vashon Island is so cute and quaint.  I could see spending some time there when I am older.

As we drove up to meet Lisa, Merry and I were both a bit anxious on what the next two hours would entail.  Would our loved ones come through?  Was this really going to work?  And if it did, what would it feel like?

We pulled up into this huge plot of land where a tiny blue shed sat all alone.  This is where Lisa does her readings.

I was planning on staying in the car while Merry had her reading first. Lisa suggested us going separate as she can not control who comes "through" in the reading.  I had brought a book and a journal to keep me busy.

As I was just about to sink into my chair, Merry and Lisa headed my way.  I opened the door and Lisa said, "come on in."  "There are too many folks here to talk to you." "Your family is already waiting so why don't I just do your readings together". "um, Ok", I said.   Merry and I just sort of looked at each other, took a deep breath and entered the shed.

My maternal Grandmother came through first, as well as Merry's paternal Grandfather.  Apparently Grandparents like to come and say hello first.

So, now to the nitty gritty!

"Hello Baby".  Those were the first two words my mother said.  I immediate knew it was her and my heart swelled, and my throat got tight.

Lisa spoke to my mother as if she was standing to my left.  It wasn't weird or creepy at all.  More comforting than anything, and I wished so badly I could turn around and see her standing there.

Lisa started explaining the moments of her death to me, and asked if I wanted to hear the details.  Of course I did, and most I knew.  It was of course hard to hear, but coming from my mother, it wasn't as traumatic as it may sound.  It actually helped me.

My Mother wanted me to make sure her family and loved ones knew she was ok, and thanked them for all they did, for her and for me.

Most of the hour long conversation was of things that only I would recognize as significant, and were so powerful to hear.  For example, she acknowledged the ring and necklace I was wearing and thanked me for wearing them.  She mentioned the matching earrings I had left at home as well.  She apologized for not being more flexible as a mother.  She said my son was beautiful and that she is always near us.  She apologized for not saying I love you more.  And that she is telling me now, over and over again.

Like I said, it was amazing to hear these things.  Things I needed to hear and didn't even know I did.  Things that are so significant to me, and no one else could possibly know how much.

So this experience, this life event was so empowering, and magical.  And I know that it seems hokey or dark, or impossible even.  But I believe, and it was truly amazing.  I would recommend Lisa to anyone. She is kind, empathic, and authentic.  You just want to be around her.

I know I will seek her out again.  Merry and I talk about going every year on our birthdays.  A tribute to our parents.  There are many books out there that take about the "other side".  I am reading some now.  It is truly fascinating, what lies beyond us, and what some can offer up as gifts.  Mind blowing stuff.

Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Reason #88

Who gets a video about their city?  
Seattle does.  
Apparently he filmed this video on a roof top in Pioneer Square! 
Yup, a very cool neighborhood indeed.


do you believe in ghosts?

Hope this post doesn't creep anyone out, or offend.....

But with that said, lets dig in.

I have mentioned before that my mother was killed when I was 15 in a drunk driving accident.  It shattered me to say the least, and it also left me with a lot of questions and not many answers.

So when I was 18 I was passing a "tarot reader" on the street while I was on vacation in Hawaii.  We stopped and thought it was a good idea to have our auras read.  It seemed harmless. However this lady threw me a curve ball.  After she read my aura she then proceeded to tell me that my mother was in a lot of pain when she died.  YIKES! So random now when I think about that.  I am not sure what prompted her to tell me that or if I asked.  All I know is that it sat with me, and still sits with me.

However, you would think that would deter me from seeking that sort of knowledge from the "other side" again.  As if maybe I am not prepared to hear what was to come?  Nope! Of course not.

When I was 20, I sought it out again.  This time it was more like 1-800 Psychic, but not really.  I can't remember now how I came across the number I called, but I did.  She recorded our session on tape (gives you some insight how long ago this was)  She didn't really give me the feeling that I was searching for, and honestly I can't really remember the reading at all.  Just that my mother was proud of me, and she was ok.

It still left the carrot dangling.

Fast forward 15 years later......

My hubby's mother is psychically inclined, which is pretty cool, and not so cool if you know her.  But out of the blue a few months ago she approached us and said that my mother had contacted her.  We had an hours conversation about things my MIL could just not know.  Like details of the accident, time of year and her occupation. It was very cool, however I was so skeptical I couldn't let myself believe it 100%.  It did of course get my feelings all jumbled and my wheels spinning.

So for my birthday my dear friend Merry took matters into her own hands and found us reputable medium here in Washington that came highly recommended to her.

We went on a sunny Friday afternoon, just us girls.  The weather was beautiful.  We took a ferry over to Vashon Island, a super sweet and quaint island 20 minutes outside Seattle.

Her name was Lisa K. Fox, and she blew me away.

Want more?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Reason # 87 why I love my neighborhood

I know I can rant and rave about my neighborhood.  I guess I just sort of love it.  A first, I was super skeptical about raising a child in the city.  Vacant of parks (except crack park, as we lovingly call it, and is not suitable for small children) and other little ones to play with.  But as Max gets older, our little city becomes cooler and more tangible.  I feel like he is getting a great taste of culture and life that he may not have gotten some place else.

For instance.  This day I was feeling particularly lazy but I knew I needed to get Ozzie out of the house for a walk, and Max could use some fresh air.  So I decided to load up Max's wagon with some garbage that needed to go out and walk down to one of our favorite food trucks.  Actually I had never eaten there before, but I know it was voted one of the best food trucks in the US. 

With normal sized legs this journey would of taken us about 20 minutes round trip.  We of course had to double that.  But we got out, stretched our legs, splashed in filthy puddles and ate pretty damn good Mexican food.

Total score for this urban family.

my helpers

loves when he can take his wagon out
oh yeah, puddles!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Preschool is cool!

A while back I was talking about putting Max in a pre-school.  Just on a real part time schedule, like once a week.  Mostly to give Max some interaction with kids and teachers with out Mama's influence.  Kids learn so much from their peers, so I want Max to have the best opportunity to learn and explore.  I also think that taking myself out of the equation adds an extra special element.

My last attempt at this wasn't the best experience.  Like I had mentioned in a previous post, so I had sort of lost my luster for putting him anywhere.  But this other school I found has renewed my faith in preschools.  It is the only drop off center in Seattle that offers its' kiddos a full curriculum.  This I like.  Structure. Art, outside play, story time, snack etc.  This is just the type of thing I am looking for.

Once I toured the facility, I knew this was the place for Max.

It had that smell too.  You know that school smell that brings you right back to your elementary school days.  I love that smell!

He did so well.  Although it was hard to hear him cry when I left, I knew he would be fine.  And sneaking up later in the day to watch him play made up for those feelings of uncertainty.  Made this mama's heart swell!

Here are a few shots from his first day.....
I love the little hooks that hold their jackets
pretend kitchen play
sensory tub

snack time!!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

pin pin pinning

Finally I have gotten around to doing some crafty stuff!  

I am have been dying to get my hands on some spray paint, glitter and goo.

Project #1:
Got this stuff at Hobby Lobby. One of my favorite stores.  I realize I should 80.  shhhhh.
The metal sheets are super easy to work with and can be cut with kitchen shears.
Then I glued it to the frame, also at Hobby Lobby, but you could totally find it at Goodwill.  Let the glue sit over night and TADA!
A jewelry holder!!!

Project #2:
This one appeared easier than it actually was.  Visually it was hard to organize it on the wall.  It's a work in progress.
my pinterest inspiration
My photos.
 I ordered about 100 from SnapFish.
Was only about $25 with shipping.
Part of my wall.  Super blurry pic, but what can ya do :)
I wanna add more color frames and some art.  We will see.

Hopefully more will come! I love getting my craftiness on!