Wednesday, August 7, 2013

do you believe in ghosts?

Hope this post doesn't creep anyone out, or offend.....

But with that said, lets dig in.

I have mentioned before that my mother was killed when I was 15 in a drunk driving accident.  It shattered me to say the least, and it also left me with a lot of questions and not many answers.

So when I was 18 I was passing a "tarot reader" on the street while I was on vacation in Hawaii.  We stopped and thought it was a good idea to have our auras read.  It seemed harmless. However this lady threw me a curve ball.  After she read my aura she then proceeded to tell me that my mother was in a lot of pain when she died.  YIKES! So random now when I think about that.  I am not sure what prompted her to tell me that or if I asked.  All I know is that it sat with me, and still sits with me.

However, you would think that would deter me from seeking that sort of knowledge from the "other side" again.  As if maybe I am not prepared to hear what was to come?  Nope! Of course not.

When I was 20, I sought it out again.  This time it was more like 1-800 Psychic, but not really.  I can't remember now how I came across the number I called, but I did.  She recorded our session on tape (gives you some insight how long ago this was)  She didn't really give me the feeling that I was searching for, and honestly I can't really remember the reading at all.  Just that my mother was proud of me, and she was ok.

It still left the carrot dangling.

Fast forward 15 years later......

My hubby's mother is psychically inclined, which is pretty cool, and not so cool if you know her.  But out of the blue a few months ago she approached us and said that my mother had contacted her.  We had an hours conversation about things my MIL could just not know.  Like details of the accident, time of year and her occupation. It was very cool, however I was so skeptical I couldn't let myself believe it 100%.  It did of course get my feelings all jumbled and my wheels spinning.

So for my birthday my dear friend Merry took matters into her own hands and found us reputable medium here in Washington that came highly recommended to her.

We went on a sunny Friday afternoon, just us girls.  The weather was beautiful.  We took a ferry over to Vashon Island, a super sweet and quaint island 20 minutes outside Seattle.

Her name was Lisa K. Fox, and she blew me away.

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