Wednesday, August 21, 2013

a day at the park

It is becoming a little bit of a tradition, our bike rides to Alki on Sundays.  We usually head out after Max's nap.  That perfect time of day when the sun isn't so high, and it is resting on the horizon perfectly.  Its about a 14 mile ride and is pretty easy (flat).  Max seems to dig it as well.  Once we arrive at the beach, we park our bikes and walk over to Slices, the local pizza place on the beach walk.  I love watching Max enjoy his pizza.  Seems simple enough, but I just love watching him eat.

Then we walk next door for ice cream.  Another one of Max's favorites.  He gets his sweet tooth from his dadda.  Max does a little dance, stomp, hand clapping presentation when he knows that ice cream is coming.

After we have fully gorged ourselves we walk over to the Whale Park for some swinging and exploring!

It's a great way to spend family time, and recharge for the upcoming week.

"Whale Park"

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