Sunday, August 11, 2013

our meeting....

So where did I leave off?

Oh yes, Lisa Fox.

Vashon Island is so cute and quaint.  I could see spending some time there when I am older.

As we drove up to meet Lisa, Merry and I were both a bit anxious on what the next two hours would entail.  Would our loved ones come through?  Was this really going to work?  And if it did, what would it feel like?

We pulled up into this huge plot of land where a tiny blue shed sat all alone.  This is where Lisa does her readings.

I was planning on staying in the car while Merry had her reading first. Lisa suggested us going separate as she can not control who comes "through" in the reading.  I had brought a book and a journal to keep me busy.

As I was just about to sink into my chair, Merry and Lisa headed my way.  I opened the door and Lisa said, "come on in."  "There are too many folks here to talk to you." "Your family is already waiting so why don't I just do your readings together". "um, Ok", I said.   Merry and I just sort of looked at each other, took a deep breath and entered the shed.

My maternal Grandmother came through first, as well as Merry's paternal Grandfather.  Apparently Grandparents like to come and say hello first.

So, now to the nitty gritty!

"Hello Baby".  Those were the first two words my mother said.  I immediate knew it was her and my heart swelled, and my throat got tight.

Lisa spoke to my mother as if she was standing to my left.  It wasn't weird or creepy at all.  More comforting than anything, and I wished so badly I could turn around and see her standing there.

Lisa started explaining the moments of her death to me, and asked if I wanted to hear the details.  Of course I did, and most I knew.  It was of course hard to hear, but coming from my mother, it wasn't as traumatic as it may sound.  It actually helped me.

My Mother wanted me to make sure her family and loved ones knew she was ok, and thanked them for all they did, for her and for me.

Most of the hour long conversation was of things that only I would recognize as significant, and were so powerful to hear.  For example, she acknowledged the ring and necklace I was wearing and thanked me for wearing them.  She mentioned the matching earrings I had left at home as well.  She apologized for not being more flexible as a mother.  She said my son was beautiful and that she is always near us.  She apologized for not saying I love you more.  And that she is telling me now, over and over again.

Like I said, it was amazing to hear these things.  Things I needed to hear and didn't even know I did.  Things that are so significant to me, and no one else could possibly know how much.

So this experience, this life event was so empowering, and magical.  And I know that it seems hokey or dark, or impossible even.  But I believe, and it was truly amazing.  I would recommend Lisa to anyone. She is kind, empathic, and authentic.  You just want to be around her.

I know I will seek her out again.  Merry and I talk about going every year on our birthdays.  A tribute to our parents.  There are many books out there that take about the "other side".  I am reading some now.  It is truly fascinating, what lies beyond us, and what some can offer up as gifts.  Mind blowing stuff.

Thanks for reading :)