Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Reason # 87 why I love my neighborhood

I know I can rant and rave about my neighborhood.  I guess I just sort of love it.  A first, I was super skeptical about raising a child in the city.  Vacant of parks (except crack park, as we lovingly call it, and is not suitable for small children) and other little ones to play with.  But as Max gets older, our little city becomes cooler and more tangible.  I feel like he is getting a great taste of culture and life that he may not have gotten some place else.

For instance.  This day I was feeling particularly lazy but I knew I needed to get Ozzie out of the house for a walk, and Max could use some fresh air.  So I decided to load up Max's wagon with some garbage that needed to go out and walk down to one of our favorite food trucks.  Actually I had never eaten there before, but I know it was voted one of the best food trucks in the US. 

With normal sized legs this journey would of taken us about 20 minutes round trip.  We of course had to double that.  But we got out, stretched our legs, splashed in filthy puddles and ate pretty damn good Mexican food.

Total score for this urban family.

my helpers

loves when he can take his wagon out
oh yeah, puddles!


  1. El Camion. I think that is the name. Did you hear about the food truck festival in Capital HIll this Saturday? We are gonna check it out!