Thursday, August 15, 2013

with a bit of coaxing....

So in previous post I had mentioned that the hubby and I were at a crossroad on whether or not to have another baby.  If you remember he was 90% no.  I was 100% crushed.

We talked through it, and I let it lie.  I know my hubby and I know he has to sit on an idea for awhile.  It took him about 3 years to really coming around to the idea of having our first monster.  Agreeably, the best decision ever!

I am not too sure what made the hubby start to come around, and honestly I wont spend much time wondering about it.  But we are finally conversatin' about the idea of a second bambino.  A precious, sweet, non-sleeping, bundle of joy.  And isn't it Murphy's law that as soon as the hubby started talking about baby #2 I swear I could feel my ovaries retreat.  Like, Oh damn, shit just got real.

As of now no real decisions have been made, and if you ask him, he still has officially gave his blessing on the matter, lol.  But I think we are gonna try for the new year.  I am super excited, and super nervous!

I mean do I really want to look like this again?

But how could I not want to snuggle another one of these again.  No question!