Friday, August 31, 2012

bad mama!

I think it takes great skill to manage a conversation while watching a toddler run a muck around the play yard.  This skill is something I am still trying to achieve.  It is very likely that having a conversation with me will consist of, "wait, what were we talking about?", or "what was I saying?"  This is because I am unable to fully focus on what others are saying.  This is extremely frustrating when I am actually enjoying the conversations.  Less so, when the conversation is a complete bore.

Today, I was talking with a mommy that I had only met once before.  We were doing the "get to know you" dance.  What did you do before baby... blah blah blah.  All the while, I was watching Max.  He was gleefully playing around the other children who were swinging.  That's right, swinging.  Now you know what doesn't mix?  A mama with poor conversations skills while watching a toddler and swings.  One will usually have to give.  And unfortunately today, it was Max.

Crazy thing was, I was watching him the whole time.  It was as if it was happening in S....L....O....W motion.  As I was chatting away with the mom, I see Max walk right behind a kids swinging.


Poor Max was hit so hard by this kid's butt.  He went down hard, and immediately starting wailing.  The poor kid immediately looked up at me with a sad look on his face and said, "I am so sorry".  Poor kid, it was I who was sorry.  Bad Bad Mama!! The look of shame came across my face as I peeled Max off the floor.  "mama's sorry, mama's sorry", I whispered in his ear.

Thank god he is easily distracted.  A few minutes later he pointed to the swing un-phased and wanted to be pushed.

All was forgotten. And hopefully forgiven. Max again started laughing and giggling.

The only reminder.....The huge purple knot on the side of his head.



 Stinkin' cute!

That's all

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


But you know what makes up for a soggy camping trip?

A great beach, great friends and the cutest toddler squealing with delight.

have I mentioned his love for rocks

Merry and Max

I may have stole some drift wood.  Sadly, not this piece

dad teaching Max how to throw his beloved rocks


I sure love you daddy

Forks, WA

Ever heard of the city, Forks?  Me either, until a small movie was made there.

google image
Any ways, the town is crawling with vampires, memorabilia that is.  Kind of cute, kind of weird..

not too bad for spending one night, right?
lap of luxury
Well it beat sleeping in the rain.  Wet toddler and wet friends do not equal fun. 
 Just a word to the wise.

wait for!

You know what they say....expect the worst and hope for the best.  
That is the saying right? 

Well what I expected, or envisioned rather was a fun filled weekend of stuffing our faces with naughty camp food and exploring the Olympic Peninsula.  I'd say 30% was accomplished.

We left our house at 9:00am and headed north to pick up our dear companions, Merry and Jeff.  Bless their lil hearts for wanting to camp at all, let alone with a toddler.

We boarded the ferry and made our way.  We arrived at Kalaloch (voted one of the best campsites ever, BTW) around 4:00.  We noticed some rain drops around 3:00.  We remained optimistic.  

We started to set up camp, and the rain, it came a tumblin' down.  Not to be swayed, we continued to set up.  I mean, the weather report said only a chance of rain.  

After the tents were set and the air mattress blown up, we decided to take a walk.  We figured we walk out the rain.


but no, we wouldn't give up so easy.  We dug our heels in the mud and....decided making dinner sounded like a smart move.

Soggy hot dog buns later, I finally wavered, and perhaps a little foot stompin' occurred!
"this sucks!" I think were my exact words.  A collective sigh rang over the camp site, and with that we packed it all up, and our asses headed to The Forks Motel.

what plans I had for this food!
getting out some frustrations
Max had a blast however. He sat in this puddle most of the trip.
this was taken from the back of my jeep where  I hid out
oh the intentions we had
are we having fun yet?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

14 months

So I have slowed down on his monthly "aging" posts.  Perhaps I don't feel so celebratory that he is creeping towards adulthood at mock speed,...or perhaps I am just lazy??? Whose to say.  But I thought I would give a little update on how the little monster is doing.

He is teething again.  He sort of slowed down in that department, which was a nice break for me.  He now has two new teefers coming in and they don't seem to be giving him too much pain.

He is talking up a storm.  However we are yet to understand him.  He loves to talk and at all pitches.  He also loves to point.  Babble, point, babble, scream, and point.  That's pretty much how it plays out.

He is climbing everything.  He loves steps, and chairs.  He has even started to climb in and out of his police car, however he is going through the door that does not open or he's climbing through the window.

He has multiple bruises and cuts on his baby body.  He is fearless and constantly lets me know.

What else??

He is truly amazing.  I love watching him grow and learn.  Watching him take a toy that really had no significance to him a few months ago, and now play with it with purpose.

It is hard to put to words, but watching your child learn, grow and live life is so captivating, entertaining and fulfilling.

I seriously recommended it.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

isn't that the truth...

I saw this and had to share.

Ever feel this way?

Funny how when you are younger you are in such a hurry to grow up. And why?


Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't go back to high school or my early 20's if you paid me money.  All that self doubt, insecurities, and learning life's wonderful lessons.

However, what I would take back, 

Ignorance can take many forms.  Political, romantical, youthful, etc  It was all bliss.  You could live in your bubble and not think of who or what it effects but how it made YOU feel.  Ignorance in being self involved was.... ok.

I am not advocating that being self involved or self absorbed is the way to go, but rather when we did live that way, how easy it was.

Now, as a grown up I constantly question my surrounding.  Who I vote for, what I sign my name too.  What I eat, what I feed my family.  Where do our resources come from and who can marry who.  Where as before, I couldn't really be bothered with it.  It didn't effect me, I was too safe in my bubble.

Although being a grown isn't always glamours, I am glad I am not as wrapped up in myself as I once was.  I now look to my monster who will live happily in his bubble, and I will remind him when he wants a taste of freedom, that being a grown up isn't all its cracked up to be.  

It's hard work!

working on my fitness

Got some new kicks today.
  I really like the colors.  
I've never bought black sneakers before.  
Whatcha think?

Gotta try them out at boot camp next week.
Not too shabby of a place to work out eh?

I am still enjoying boot camp, which is surprising for me because I am really not a fan of working out.  What I like most about it is that I can bring Max, and its always changing.  We do stairs some days, run more on others.  It doesn't get boring which is so important, cause I lose interest REAL quick.  If your interested, you should look it up.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

pinterest pins

I love pinterest.  Every night before I close my eyes, all comfy in my bed I grab my phone and peruse my pinterest app for the latest pins.  I am constantly inspired and pinning away.  I have a few boards titled "ideas' and "crafts".  Its loaded with things that I will get to later.  However, I've noticed that I never really get back to them.  SO I think I am going to try to challenge that.  My mission will be to conquer/complete/attempt something I have pinned every week.  
Writing that, it seems a little too optimistic.  Lets say twice a month :)

Anyways, last week I saw this pinned.  Simple, easy and classic.  So I saved it to one of my boards to do later....


Coincidentally, the other night we had a pizza party and I needed some decorations. I remembered my pin. So I grabbed some bottles I had on hand, and a page from an old book.  I tore the pages to go around the bottles and it added instant character to the room.

Ta Da!

Thanks for stopping by....

Just wanted to give a shout out!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and reading this blog.

Who knew I would get so much enjoyment from something so simple.  I love chronicling Max's life and ours as well.  Hope you stick with us as I try to incorporate some DIY's.
Go big or go home, right?

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Click on it and follow away. 
We love seeing new followers!


My little monster has quite a set of lungs on him.  And he has discovered that he can scream.  It's all day's when he happy, it's when he's frustrated, it's when he's pissed.   It is constant.

What does one do to curb this?  I don't want to acknowledge it in fear that he will try go bigger, and better.

But in ignoring it, will it just prolong the behavior?  Ugh.

bing images

Do any of you have screamers on your hands?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

don't forget

Just a friendly reminder.


See that cute little badge on the left that says vote???
Just do me solid and click on it.
That's all!

Muchos Gracias!


We're packing up ship....

google image

Or at least I'd like to think so.  I am going to attempt to wean the monster off the boob.  Now I have heard horror stories about this process.  Late nights of crying and pleading.  I have also heard some promising news, that some kids just go with the flow and wean on their own.  Now knowing Max,  I am thinking it can go either way.

Last night I went into it strong.  I was going to deny Max his 2am snack.  Just on schedule the monster started to stir around 1:56am.  I laid in my bed, wondering what the next few minutes would entail.  I told myself that if he didn't put himself back to sleep in ten minutes I would go in and try to comfort hm.  Ten minutes came and went, and the crying/screaming continued.

I got outta bed.  Did a quick little stretch, and popped my neck side to side like you see the serious athletes do.

Deep breath.

I went in and he is standing in his crib, screaming, his face soaked in tears.  As he sees me getting closer his sobs turn into ma ma mama ma.  However, I do not wavier.  Strong like bull!  I pat and rub his back as he is standing in his crib.  He lays his head on my shoulder still crying and now soaking my shirt with his tears.

shhh shhh shhhh, I whisper.  I try to lay him down but he immediately arches his back and starts to wail.  UGH.  This is going to turn ugly, I can feel it.

We go around and around like this for about ten more minutes and I decide its time to walk away.  Back to my room I go.  Max continues to scream.  Now I know this scenario isn't unfamiliar to us parents, so I won't bore you will the constant state of grief I go through as I enter and leave his room a few more times.  Finally after 30 minutes of straight screaming, I break.  Not my finest hour, but damn it, I tried :).  I relented and gave up the boob.  Shockingly he nursed for about 5 minutes and passed out.  I however, went right to my iphone and googled sleep solutions.  As I drifted back to sleep, I had to wonder, am I doing the right thing? Maybe he is just hungry? I don't know. I will just continue to do what I feel is right and natural.

Tomorrow is a new day or night rather, and I will give it another attempt.  I know patience is key.  We will prevail!!!

Or maybe I will just nurse him forever?  Who knows.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012



a persistent, irrational fear of a specific objectactivity, orsituation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.

Have one?  

Heights, spiders, boats, vomiting in public, death, flying, bridges etc.  I guess you can say I have a few.  This weekend a few of those phobias were put to the test.  Guess which ones.....

This was at Capilano Park in Vancouver.  I will never go back :)

my attempt at smiling, while wanting to curl in the fetal position

was almost across, yet realized I had to do it all again on the way back.

vomiting in public, bridges, heights, and DEATH

Oh Canada...

How cute is this monster?
 I mean really! 
We are getting pretty good at traveling with this guy.  We grab the pack-n-play. Grab Chester and the glow worm, grab his blanket and we are off.  I think he is getting really savvy about sleeping in strange places. Which I am pretty proud of.  I mean if you are going to teach your child anything, sleeping in strange quarters should be one of them, right?  I am sure it will come in handy while in college?
I joke.  
But I am thrilled that he's a good traveller.  He even missed naps, went to bed late, and still kept trucking. Maybe one day we will try a trip overseas???  Mama is getting that itch again.  The travel bug itch that is :)  

Here are a few more shots of Vancouver.
Rob got Max this great jersey.  How cute is this!


The happy family

Ra Ra Ra

Good advice, eh?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Canada eh?

This week, Rob's sister and Fiance came to visit.  We had a great week playing tour guide.  One of the places we went was Vancouver, BC.  It had been a while since we had been, so it was nice to rediscover this great city.  Vancouver reminds me a lot of Seattle.  We walked the shit out of the city. And it was well worth it.  We hit up my new favorite neighborhood, Gastown.  It was what Seattle's Pioneer Square could be.  Old historic buildings, cute shops and amazing cafes and restaurants.  If you ever go up north, make a pit stop there.
Although Vancouver wasn't the most family friendly city (no highchairs, anywhere), we did find a water park by accident.  Max wasn't too sure about it, but I stripped him down any ways.  I think he liked it :)

we found an improptu water park.  So of course we stripped him
down and splashed around.
lil water up the backside. SURPRISE!
The happy newly engaged couple.
Max the Adventurer

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hood III

Another cool thing about the city that we reside...

Walking to the sculpture park to let the monster run off some steam I came across this vine thingy.  Upon closer review, and seeing a tomato, I realize its a garden of some sort.  How cool is this.  Recycled quart and gallon jugs used to plant and house organic vegetables.
You gotta love Seattle.

too cool

it even had a watering system