Friday, August 17, 2012

neighborly love....

My sweet friend and neighbor Leigh and I always talk about how we have lived in our building now for 6+ years and barely know any of our neighbors.  Even us, we just now have gotten to know each other after all this time and I think its because we sniffed each other out, both having toddlers and all.  So to remedy the situation we decided to throw a little FIESTA.  We invited about five other couples from our floor to join us for yummy treats and Margaritas.  It think it was a success.

I like the idea of extending our community.  It seems and feels too easy to stay in our own little bubble. Gone seem the times of baking cookies or casseroles and bringing them to your neighbors house for introductions or well wishes.  I am going to try to change that, to do better.  To extend my bubble if you will.

Hubby making sopapillas

Yummy Guac

its not a party without a bunch of toys everywhere
Stella, I think you have some sour cream on your face :)

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