Monday, August 13, 2012


Over the weekend in AK we headed over to Seward.  Seward is also a cute little town. We had some halibut fish and chips.  Minus the $25.00 price tag, they were good. Odd that I can get fish and chips for half the price in Anchorage.  Hmmmm. Maybe their imported or something, lol

We went to the Sea Life park which was also really cool.  Probably cooler for us old folk than Max.  He was more interested in running up and down the ramps.

Alaskans take their salmon seriously

too cute, how could I not buy one
love puffins

After our stint in Seward we headed onward to Soldotna.  Amy's parents live there and their place is truly amazing and truly Alaskan. We jokingly call it the Devereux B&B.  They could seriously charge money.  Beverly has every detail covered, down to the vintage stove in her kitchen.

This picture was up at the B&B.  This was Amy and I on top of Diamond Head.
Just babies we were.
I met Amy when I was 18 and we were just graduating High School.  We both had the same idea.  Lets get the hell out of Alaska.  So we did. And we moved to Hawaii.  We lived there almost four years.  We had some great times there and some fantastic memories were made.  The funny thing about old friends, (we are going on 20 years) is as soon as we reunite we immediate regress back into those same 18 year old girls.  Teasing and taunting as if time stood still.  I think that is a paramount for a great friendship.  No matter how much time slips by, you can still make an ass of yourself and be loved even more for it.

bundle up

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