Friday, August 31, 2012

bad mama!

I think it takes great skill to manage a conversation while watching a toddler run a muck around the play yard.  This skill is something I am still trying to achieve.  It is very likely that having a conversation with me will consist of, "wait, what were we talking about?", or "what was I saying?"  This is because I am unable to fully focus on what others are saying.  This is extremely frustrating when I am actually enjoying the conversations.  Less so, when the conversation is a complete bore.

Today, I was talking with a mommy that I had only met once before.  We were doing the "get to know you" dance.  What did you do before baby... blah blah blah.  All the while, I was watching Max.  He was gleefully playing around the other children who were swinging.  That's right, swinging.  Now you know what doesn't mix?  A mama with poor conversations skills while watching a toddler and swings.  One will usually have to give.  And unfortunately today, it was Max.

Crazy thing was, I was watching him the whole time.  It was as if it was happening in S....L....O....W motion.  As I was chatting away with the mom, I see Max walk right behind a kids swinging.


Poor Max was hit so hard by this kid's butt.  He went down hard, and immediately starting wailing.  The poor kid immediately looked up at me with a sad look on his face and said, "I am so sorry".  Poor kid, it was I who was sorry.  Bad Bad Mama!! The look of shame came across my face as I peeled Max off the floor.  "mama's sorry, mama's sorry", I whispered in his ear.

Thank god he is easily distracted.  A few minutes later he pointed to the swing un-phased and wanted to be pushed.

All was forgotten. And hopefully forgiven. Max again started laughing and giggling.

The only reminder.....The huge purple knot on the side of his head.


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