Friday, August 17, 2012

Ode to Oz

Its funny, I get a lot of questions on Ozzie's behalf. "How is Ozzie doing?", "How is Ozzie with the baby?" Like everyone knows how hard it is on a pet when a new baby comes home.

You know, people told us our dynamic would change as singles with a dog.  We denied that Oz would become any sort of second fiddle, and the hubby to this day will stress that, that has not happened, but sadly, it kind of has.

Oz was our world at one point, and don't get me wrong, he still is our lil lover.  But Max totally rules the roost now.  Max tramples Ozzie, pulls (ever so lovingly) on his ears and taunts him with treats.  Ozzie's food and water dish have been banished to the deck because Max plays with it, and now Max tries to enter Ozzies kennel, which Oz does not appreciate one bit.  The other day I even found two Lego men in there.  And while I find this super cute, I have to believe Oz is totally and utterly pissed.

I don't want to say he is second fiddle, but he doesn't really feel like the baby anymore.

Have you parents experienced the same with your beloved, pre-baby, baby?

Well, at least Ozzie still has snuggle time with mama at night after the monster goes to bed.  That's our special time.  And although he may not be the "baby" anymore, he is our little Ozzie monster and he is LOVED!

Hi, I am Ozmond Bigglesworth Defraia

sleepy Ozzie

perhaps my ALL time photo of Oz
think this bed is a little over kill for me mom
this bobby thing is fantasitc
stoic ozzie 
athletic ozzie
sweet ozzie

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