Monday, August 13, 2012

amazing parental skills

The other day Max cut his hand.  No big deal right?


Lets rewind a bit.  I had opened a can earlier in the day and placed it in the re-cycle.  The hubby then grabbed the re-cycle and placed it by the door so he could take it out when he went down stairs.  Fast forward a bit, as I walked by the re-cycle I noticed red stuff all over the carpet.  I immediate yell at our beloved puggle.  DAMN IT OZZIE! And I yell for Rob to help me clean it as the nanny was waiting for us to get on the road.  Slowly I realize that this doesn't really look like jam, or spaghetti sauce or anything else that was red.  Second thought......Ozzie must have cut himself going through the re-cycle.  Again, DAMN IT OZZIE!  I start inspecting Oz but I am not noticing any sign of injury.  Then Max comes marching by and notice red stuff all over him.  Third thought? Oz cut himself and got it all over Max.  Clearly you can see where this is going.....

There was blood all over Max.  The nanny, Rob and I are searching him trying to find where it was coming from.  I finally noticed it was the hand.  In my spectacular deducing skills I figured out that Max cut himself on the can I had place in the re-cycle.  Frantic, I start trying to determine how deep it was and if a bandaid would do.  No Dice.  It was bleeding pretty badly.  Where is the first aid kit????  Oh wait,  we don't own one.  It was one of those things on my list that I just kept putting off.  Solution? I found a gauze pad in the bathroom and we slapped that puppy on with some electrical tape.  Stellar parenting dontcha think.  And to top it off, it was our new nanny's first day.  I can only imagine what she was thinking.

So parents, don't make the slew of mistakes I made, and always keep cool in front of the nanny.

Don't knock electrical tape, it actually worked wonderfully
and the next day....mama went out a bought a real first aid kit


  1. Oh, man. That's a tough one! He wasn't crying?? What a trooper!

  2. Yikes, poor guy! Although you did manage to make the story sound kind of funny :)

    This is a good reminder for us to buy a first aid kit too!

  3. Yeah. should of bought an aid kit long ago. And nope, not a real cry. He's a toughie :)