Wednesday, August 29, 2012

wait for!

You know what they say....expect the worst and hope for the best.  
That is the saying right? 

Well what I expected, or envisioned rather was a fun filled weekend of stuffing our faces with naughty camp food and exploring the Olympic Peninsula.  I'd say 30% was accomplished.

We left our house at 9:00am and headed north to pick up our dear companions, Merry and Jeff.  Bless their lil hearts for wanting to camp at all, let alone with a toddler.

We boarded the ferry and made our way.  We arrived at Kalaloch (voted one of the best campsites ever, BTW) around 4:00.  We noticed some rain drops around 3:00.  We remained optimistic.  

We started to set up camp, and the rain, it came a tumblin' down.  Not to be swayed, we continued to set up.  I mean, the weather report said only a chance of rain.  

After the tents were set and the air mattress blown up, we decided to take a walk.  We figured we walk out the rain.


but no, we wouldn't give up so easy.  We dug our heels in the mud and....decided making dinner sounded like a smart move.

Soggy hot dog buns later, I finally wavered, and perhaps a little foot stompin' occurred!
"this sucks!" I think were my exact words.  A collective sigh rang over the camp site, and with that we packed it all up, and our asses headed to The Forks Motel.

what plans I had for this food!
getting out some frustrations
Max had a blast however. He sat in this puddle most of the trip.
this was taken from the back of my jeep where  I hid out
oh the intentions we had
are we having fun yet?

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