Thursday, August 16, 2012

Too freakin' funny

Have you all seen this???

google image

This is too funny! And maybe a little true.  I've been called out once or twice for posting a lot of pictures of Max. SO!

What mother wouldn't, I mean look at him. He's a damn fine specimen.  Making all of you wanting to go out and procreate ASAP.  Right?

We all have our thing.  Where it's our cute pets, irritations, fetishes or children.  We post them.  We post them with out regard to who might be offended or in hopes of offending others.  Its entertainment really.

But I'm not gonna lie, if I find out you unbaby me, I'll be pissed.  And a little saddened,  but really, if you do.  F*&k it.  Who needs ya.


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