Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh Canada...

How cute is this monster?
 I mean really! 
We are getting pretty good at traveling with this guy.  We grab the pack-n-play. Grab Chester and the glow worm, grab his blanket and we are off.  I think he is getting really savvy about sleeping in strange places. Which I am pretty proud of.  I mean if you are going to teach your child anything, sleeping in strange quarters should be one of them, right?  I am sure it will come in handy while in college?
I joke.  
But I am thrilled that he's a good traveller.  He even missed naps, went to bed late, and still kept trucking. Maybe one day we will try a trip overseas???  Mama is getting that itch again.  The travel bug itch that is :)  

Here are a few more shots of Vancouver.
Rob got Max this great jersey.  How cute is this!


The happy family

Ra Ra Ra

Good advice, eh?

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