Friday, June 28, 2013

Birthday Boy

My lil monster turned two today.  Oh the mixed emotions it brings.  So happy that he is learning, changing and evolving.  So happy to watch him experience all the things a lil boy should.  But so equally sad for the baby that once was, and will never be again. 

They are damn right when they say nothing compares to a mothers love.  It's freakin' intense.  I love my monster so much, and more each day I could just burst!

Happy Birthday Monster!  I love you more than you will ever know!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Don't play with scissors

Max's hair grows at mock speed.  While some of his friends have yet to have had a haircut, this child has had half a dozen.  I am sort of over taking him to a stylist.  SO what did mama propose? I can do this! How hard can it be?  My mom cut hair.  I've buzzed my hubby's hair.  I bet it isn't that hard.

I stage the area.  Lollipop, Queen, and cars. Check, check, check!

I'd say he did better than I expected.  He didn't like the buzzing sound, but the blueberry lollipop offered up a great distraction.

As I started cutting or shaving rather with the #8 clipper I was telling myself how cute it was going to look.  Little more edgy, little less bowl cutty.  Well that was definitely accomplished but it does indeed look like a haircut he received from his mama in a bathroom.

Of course I love it.  I swear as soon as I shaved it off he personality changed.  It's like he became a full fledged two year old right in front of my eyes.

And is it possible that I fell a little more in love with him that day?

San Diego-Mission Beach

Another great weekend had by all! We made the 8+ hour trip to San Diego this last weekend to meet up with friends, new and old.  Guy and his wife Kim and Daughter made the trip this year.  Rob and Guy have been friends for over 20 years and this was a mini reunion of sorts.  They hadn't seen each other in about 18 years.  Jake's family also made the annual trip.  They brought there news addition Ford as well.  He stinkin' cute that baby is.  

Jake, Rob and Guy all went to High School together so it was pretty cute seeing them all together again.  And oddly enough, it doesn't appear that much has change.  Expect in between he inappropriate jokes and story telling, one might sneak away to change a diaper or chase a toddler.

We really love our annual escapes in California.  So far we hit Santa Barbara, Pasa Robles, and now San Diego.  I think next year it will be Lake Tahoe! 

Can't wait!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

boating life

We took Max on his first boat ride last week.   He loved it.  Although he has been on a ferry, this was very different.  Wind roaring through his hair, speed and tons of smiles.
I love watching him experiencing some thing new.  

Sunday, June 16, 2013


My little monster will be two freakin' years old next weeks. Denial is putting it lightly.  As my hubby says, time sure flies by when you love your life so much.  We still touch on the subject of adding to our nest.  The hub says he has moved up one percentage point to the yes area. So instead of 90/10, he is now 89/11! Ill take it.  But truth be known, I am still scared of having another baby.  Things have a nice rhythm now. It's manageable and enjoyable.  I am afraid of jinxing it all cause I'm selfish and want more, more more.  I am sure a sign will present itself and we will know if its the right time or if there will ever be a right time.  For now, I sigh as I look at my monster growing up right before my eyes.  No longer a baby, but a lil boy.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

in the hundies......

This last weekend was hot.  Like HELL hot.  My internal thermostat starts to get all bajigaty once it hits 95, and this weekend we reached 104.  Needless to say, my ass was at the pool with toddler in tow.  The hubby left for cooler temperatures to Lake Tahoe to do some downhill biking with a friend. Lucky!

The pool was great and just what the body needed. Its so great to be making good friends here.  And Max loved it to.  He runs around saying, Bryce and Darby, his two little toddler dude friends, and K his girlfriend.

Only hard thing about the pool with out the hubby....Max is fearless when it comes to the water.  Stresses this non-swimmer mama out.  But seeing his smile, almost makes it all worth it, lol

Sadie, his other girlfriend 


baby hands

Of course there are some things I miss about my life before I had my monster.  Not many things, but some.  Like sleeping through the night or sleeping minus a little monster flailing about.  But, its times like last night when I can feel him searching for me in his sleep, his baby hands trying to find his mama to snuggle next to, that I forget what it was like to sleep alone and sigh in hopes that these moments last a little bit longer.  Well, maybe the foot in the jaw that occurred later in the night, those moments can go.  But the snuggles, those can stay forever.

Sums it up

It's funny how you might see these as a non parent and not think twice about it.  I know I never really did.  But now, as a non-chewing, non-sitting parent, you learn to laugh at such truths and warning signs.  All you non-parents or soon to be parents, you have been warned. lol.

Choo choo

Sacramento has one of the coolest museums for kids, and for adults for that matter.  Its the Railroad Museum.  It houses all sorts of trains that you can run around in, new and old.  And best yet, the top floor is devoted to Thomas the Train.  Max and Kaitlyn were in heaven!!!!  I love our play dates with K.  I love watching them play off each other and talk in their toddler talk that no one understands but them. And K's mom is pretty cool too.