Sunday, June 9, 2013

in the hundies......

This last weekend was hot.  Like HELL hot.  My internal thermostat starts to get all bajigaty once it hits 95, and this weekend we reached 104.  Needless to say, my ass was at the pool with toddler in tow.  The hubby left for cooler temperatures to Lake Tahoe to do some downhill biking with a friend. Lucky!

The pool was great and just what the body needed. Its so great to be making good friends here.  And Max loved it to.  He runs around saying, Bryce and Darby, his two little toddler dude friends, and K his girlfriend.

Only hard thing about the pool with out the hubby....Max is fearless when it comes to the water.  Stresses this non-swimmer mama out.  But seeing his smile, almost makes it all worth it, lol

Sadie, his other girlfriend 


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  1. Send some of that heat this way! I'm wearing a SCARF today.