Sunday, June 9, 2013

Currently { a link up}

Lets see what we have been us to currently. Don't forget to link up to see what Kale is currently up to...

Max is currently coveting all things automotive.  Especially McQueen.  He runs around asking for "Queen", "Queen".  He has only seen it once but has already fell in love with the wonderful world that is CARS.  I am currently coveting the sun.  I am trying to get in every last drop before we head North to my sweet Seattle.

Max, I would guess is currently imagining driving my car.  He always asks to drive.  I have to add extra time in my commute and factor in "play" time in the car before I am able to drive off.  This at first really irritated me, but I had to breathe, and tell myself...whats the harm.  He wants to play.  Let him enjoy this time, and enjoy it with him.  I am currently imagining myself a few pounds thinner.  I know, I know, be happy blah blah.  And I am.  I'd just like to not spill over in the cute white skinny jeans I bought.

Max is currently asking for everything.  I swear he woke up one morning with a whole new vocabulary.  He is repeating everything we say now too.  Yikes.  So he asks for Queen, Bite, Walk, Trash, Drive, Down, French Fries, Ozzie (no longer Obbie), and MOM ( no longer mama :( )  I am currently asking for a pedicure.  Damn my toes need some work!

Max hasn't really grasped this concept yet.  Lol.  I am currently saving for a overseas trip to somewhere.  Rob and I are determined to continue our travels even as parents.

Max currently seems to fear nothing.  But we have witnessed his fear for Donald Duck.  He also doesn't like loud startling noises.  Who does.  I currently fear almost everything.  I am a worry wort. And if you wonder if I have sought help for this....I have.  HA!  Yeah, I have some generalize anxiety. I work on it all the time and try not to let it hinder my life or my experiences.  I am definitely a work in process!  Us great ones are, right?


  1. We also have to factor extra time into driving anywhere so Kale can have "a little steer." Whenever we arrive somewhere I say 'it's time to get out' and he looks at me all serious and says "I just going to have one.little.steer." Sometimes this is super annoying....but somedays I can stick him in the car in the driveway for half an hour, while I sit on the porch sipping lemonade.

    1. It's nice to hear I am not the only one :)