Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Don't play with scissors

Max's hair grows at mock speed.  While some of his friends have yet to have had a haircut, this child has had half a dozen.  I am sort of over taking him to a stylist.  SO what did mama propose? I can do this! How hard can it be?  My mom cut hair.  I've buzzed my hubby's hair.  I bet it isn't that hard.

I stage the area.  Lollipop, Queen, and cars. Check, check, check!

I'd say he did better than I expected.  He didn't like the buzzing sound, but the blueberry lollipop offered up a great distraction.

As I started cutting or shaving rather with the #8 clipper I was telling myself how cute it was going to look.  Little more edgy, little less bowl cutty.  Well that was definitely accomplished but it does indeed look like a haircut he received from his mama in a bathroom.

Of course I love it.  I swear as soon as I shaved it off he personality changed.  It's like he became a full fledged two year old right in front of my eyes.

And is it possible that I fell a little more in love with him that day?

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