Tuesday, June 25, 2013

San Diego-Mission Beach

Another great weekend had by all! We made the 8+ hour trip to San Diego this last weekend to meet up with friends, new and old.  Guy and his wife Kim and Daughter made the trip this year.  Rob and Guy have been friends for over 20 years and this was a mini reunion of sorts.  They hadn't seen each other in about 18 years.  Jake's family also made the annual trip.  They brought there news addition Ford as well.  He stinkin' cute that baby is.  

Jake, Rob and Guy all went to High School together so it was pretty cute seeing them all together again.  And oddly enough, it doesn't appear that much has change.  Expect in between he inappropriate jokes and story telling, one might sneak away to change a diaper or chase a toddler.

We really love our annual escapes in California.  So far we hit Santa Barbara, Pasa Robles, and now San Diego.  I think next year it will be Lake Tahoe! 

Can't wait!

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