Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Asparagus festival

This year I believe was the 39 year that the asparagus festival has taken plave. It's a tradition in this city to attend. Eat a lot of fried asparagus and bask in the sun.  This was our second year attending and it was pretty fun. After all the grubbing, we headed over to the kiddie area. They had a huge slide, ponies, games, bounce houses and a park.  It was a little much for Max I think, but he held his own. I do think his favorite thing was the juice we bought him in the grape container. "Purple drink" as we called it.  Max never gets juice, and certainly never a whole one. Perhaps that sounds harsh. But if you witnessed the sugar high this boy gets, you'd be hiding the juice too.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sonoma and sisters

What a great weekend! My sister had her 40th birthday celebration in Sonoma, CA. My god is that a beautiful place!  Vineyards for miles and miles.  Felt as if we almost stepped into Italy. Almost.  Wine was drank, and delicious food was consumed.  Us three sisters shared a king sized bed and laughed till happy tears streamed down my face.  I pretty terrific weekend! I can see myself having my 40th celebration here as well!

The question did come up, as it sometimes does.  So your MJ's or Annemarie's sister? Well....Not by blood. But definitely by love.   See my mother and their mother, Kisun were best of friends.  I was raised along side this girls.  Birthday's, camping trips and countless sleep overs.  We used to just consider ourselves cousins.  That was until my mother died and I went to live with them.  At that moment we became sisters.

I am so grateful I was able to gain sisters, even if it was at 16.  It has been one of the sweetest gifts ever received.  Their mom became my mom, and thus Max's Grandma.  My mothers memory lives on through Kisun and her stories of their nights of wine drinking and long talks.  That traditions still continues on in us sisters.


I over heard that there are over 7000 vineyards here

baby sister
all three of us

there can never been enough cheese
It is weird to see myself in pictures.  I am usually the one behind the lens.

Group shot at first winery.

The hills were alive with the sound of music....

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Blogging from an IPad blows.  In my humble opinion.  That is my disclaimer as to why my entries are few and far between.

Here is my wrap up.

My dear friend Merry and her Hubby came down for a visit.  It was so lovely to have them here.  And in a perfect world, they would follow us down to good ol' Stockton and become our neighbors.  I know Stockton is a tough sell.  However, sunshine and good friends are not. (*wink).

While they were here, the hubbies went to Long Beach to watch the Grand Prix races.  They loved it. I am totally lost on the appeal, but that doesn't matter.  They had a good time.  Us girls, plus Max spent our days going for walks and play dates.  It was cool for me to show Merry  what I do here and who I spend my time with.  I realized that I do indeed have a good group of friends here.

The house is still coming along.  If only a big bag of cash landed on my door.  Rob asked me if it feels like home yet.  Nope! Not yet. I think I need more crap on the walls.
Cash can arrive any day now universe!!!

This sprouted up in my yard.  I had no idea we had Calla Lillies.

So true.....

I was cleaning my purse out and this is what I found.  The purse of a mama.

The anniversary of my mom's death was this last week.  I was telling a friend that she has been gone so long that the anniversary isn't so much of a bummer like it was.  But its a day of reflection for me.  Things that were, and are no longer.  Things that are, and are so cherished now.

Max loves his green juice

Max and K reunited

My lil monster

Our neighbors pool.  It will get a lot of use this spring.

Oz will curl up anywhere cozy.  No matter how small.


Easter this year was a special one.  It was Max's first Easter in a classroom.  I know, sounds silly, but it really pretty sweet.  Parents were responsible for bringing sugar cookies, boiled eggs, snacks and plastic eggs filled with treats.  The kids spent time in different stations decorating cookies ( Max was just interested in eating them), coloring eggs and making Easter Baskets.  It was super sweet to watch.  It brought back memories of being a child and having the same experiences.

I did struggle a bit on how to explain Easter to Max.  How do you tell a toddler about the Easter Bunny.  A furry creature that comes in the night to bring you treats and presents, and hides eggs all over the place for you to find?  An odd tradition right?  I asked a few friends what they do.   We all sort of agreed that an explanation wasn't really necessary yet.  Just enjoy it and eat all their candy!

Max eating up all the frosting.

Grace admiring said frosting

Cutting play-doh

Dipping eggs

Lined up to hunt

Easter morning.  Some one is ready!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Stockton has been treating us pretty well so far. I can't believe it's been three weeks already. Damn! So far, we have worked out a really nice schedule. The hubs has been getting up extra early and is finishing work by three. This is so nice because we actually have time to spend together instead of a mad rush to get dinner on the table, Max in the bath and then to bed. Now we are able to hang, go for walks and work on the house for a few hours before I start preparing dinner. 

The boxes in our garden are finally ready for me to start planting. I'm a little overwhelmed since I've never done it before. The boxes are so grand and lovely.  I hope they don't end up housing dead plants.

The next few months are going to pass by in a blur. I just know it.  This week, my Bestie and her hubby are visiting, then I'm off to Sonoma for my sisters 40th Birthday. And this is just April. May and June are already filled as well.

Can complain! We are so truly fortunate. I can't imagine life any other way!

Taking a spin around the block.

Bought from Costco! Love me some Peonies.
From my yard

I really shouldn't brag, but can you believe this weather!
Finally hanging the TV, but now the hub needs to build a frame around it. I think the end result will look pretty fantastic.

Chilling in his car seat, eating cheese like a boss.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

some happenings.....

Well it has been a few busy weeks so far in California.  Mostly house stuff and keep the monster busy.  Rob has been busy building our raised garden, which he is taking great pride in.  It all has to be perfect in his mind.  I can't complain, its gonna be amazing when all is said and done.  I have been busy reconnecting with friends and reintroducing Max to his buddies.

So far we have hit the gymnastic center for some tumbling and swinging, and we have had lots of park and lunch dates.

Super swing at gymnastics
       A little art for the dining room.

Roses from my yard! Love this!

After three years, Ozzie has finally come around to liking Max more. They play like brothers.  Which includes fights. It's cute!

Max got his first bike!!!!!

My new coffee cup and my new favorite tea! Its amazing!

A little quality time at the hardway store.  I think Max could live here.  He loves it.

Max filling his own Easter Basket.  

Max has struggled a bit with the transfer to a big boy bed.  Mama invested in some light reading to help him with the transition.  And to help Mama since she is now up about 3-4 times a night.

This is Max's new preschool.  He loves it! Who wouldn't. Preschool is amazing.  Tons of toys, tons of attention, and a yummy snack, which usually includes a cupcake or something.  Kid heaven!