Thursday, April 3, 2014

some happenings.....

Well it has been a few busy weeks so far in California.  Mostly house stuff and keep the monster busy.  Rob has been busy building our raised garden, which he is taking great pride in.  It all has to be perfect in his mind.  I can't complain, its gonna be amazing when all is said and done.  I have been busy reconnecting with friends and reintroducing Max to his buddies.

So far we have hit the gymnastic center for some tumbling and swinging, and we have had lots of park and lunch dates.

Super swing at gymnastics
       A little art for the dining room.

Roses from my yard! Love this!

After three years, Ozzie has finally come around to liking Max more. They play like brothers.  Which includes fights. It's cute!

Max got his first bike!!!!!

My new coffee cup and my new favorite tea! Its amazing!

A little quality time at the hardway store.  I think Max could live here.  He loves it.

Max filling his own Easter Basket.  

Max has struggled a bit with the transfer to a big boy bed.  Mama invested in some light reading to help him with the transition.  And to help Mama since she is now up about 3-4 times a night.

This is Max's new preschool.  He loves it! Who wouldn't. Preschool is amazing.  Tons of toys, tons of attention, and a yummy snack, which usually includes a cupcake or something.  Kid heaven!

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