Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Blogging from an IPad blows.  In my humble opinion.  That is my disclaimer as to why my entries are few and far between.

Here is my wrap up.

My dear friend Merry and her Hubby came down for a visit.  It was so lovely to have them here.  And in a perfect world, they would follow us down to good ol' Stockton and become our neighbors.  I know Stockton is a tough sell.  However, sunshine and good friends are not. (*wink).

While they were here, the hubbies went to Long Beach to watch the Grand Prix races.  They loved it. I am totally lost on the appeal, but that doesn't matter.  They had a good time.  Us girls, plus Max spent our days going for walks and play dates.  It was cool for me to show Merry  what I do here and who I spend my time with.  I realized that I do indeed have a good group of friends here.

The house is still coming along.  If only a big bag of cash landed on my door.  Rob asked me if it feels like home yet.  Nope! Not yet. I think I need more crap on the walls.
Cash can arrive any day now universe!!!

This sprouted up in my yard.  I had no idea we had Calla Lillies.

So true.....

I was cleaning my purse out and this is what I found.  The purse of a mama.

The anniversary of my mom's death was this last week.  I was telling a friend that she has been gone so long that the anniversary isn't so much of a bummer like it was.  But its a day of reflection for me.  Things that were, and are no longer.  Things that are, and are so cherished now.

Max loves his green juice

Max and K reunited

My lil monster

Our neighbors pool.  It will get a lot of use this spring.

Oz will curl up anywhere cozy.  No matter how small.

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