Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sonoma and sisters

What a great weekend! My sister had her 40th birthday celebration in Sonoma, CA. My god is that a beautiful place!  Vineyards for miles and miles.  Felt as if we almost stepped into Italy. Almost.  Wine was drank, and delicious food was consumed.  Us three sisters shared a king sized bed and laughed till happy tears streamed down my face.  I pretty terrific weekend! I can see myself having my 40th celebration here as well!

The question did come up, as it sometimes does.  So your MJ's or Annemarie's sister? Well....Not by blood. But definitely by love.   See my mother and their mother, Kisun were best of friends.  I was raised along side this girls.  Birthday's, camping trips and countless sleep overs.  We used to just consider ourselves cousins.  That was until my mother died and I went to live with them.  At that moment we became sisters.

I am so grateful I was able to gain sisters, even if it was at 16.  It has been one of the sweetest gifts ever received.  Their mom became my mom, and thus Max's Grandma.  My mothers memory lives on through Kisun and her stories of their nights of wine drinking and long talks.  That traditions still continues on in us sisters.


I over heard that there are over 7000 vineyards here

baby sister
all three of us

there can never been enough cheese
It is weird to see myself in pictures.  I am usually the one behind the lens.

Group shot at first winery.

The hills were alive with the sound of music....

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