Friday, September 27, 2013

lets celebrate!!!

I mentioned last month that my dear friend got married.  Well this weekend we finally got to celebrate their union with friends and family.

I was lucky enough to plan and host the event.  My biggest undertaking yet as far as party planning goes.  As soon as I took the reins from Merry, I was off and running.  My first place?  Hobby Lobby.  I freakin' love that store. However, walking the aisle with a two year old leaves little to enjoy.  Most of my time was spent saying "don't touch that, get that out of your mouth, don't climb on that", etc.  I was still able to load my cart though.  This mama will not be sabotaged! Not even by a small monster child.

My vision was to create an intimate theme that was personal and fun.  Merry is light and fluffy, sugar and spice, while her Hubby is well....dark. Ha, no but really.  He sort of looks like a serial killer, but in a good way? As if being a serial killer could ever be good.  Well anyways, under that scary exterior he is a soft teddy bear.  Well maybe not soft, but a teddy bear none the less.  For him, I wanted his style to be represented as well.  But instead of black and ominous, I chose gold and glitter.  Same, same right?

So I bought a bunch of frames and painted some gold while leaving some rustic.  I bought a bunch of mason jars (.20 cents at Goodwill) and tied either ribbon, straw strands or rhinestones around them.  I filled those with fresh flowers from Pike Place Market.  I bought some lace table cloths,(also from Goodwill) and some burlap.  I also used some chalk board paint and made some signs.  I hit up some Etsy as well.  I got the coolest guest book from that site.  It was just a simple piece of wood that was personalized with their wedding date and initials.  A big hit!

Then there were some other ideas for the space.  I bought some paper (wrapping paper actually) and cut out pennants that would hang from above.  I bought 6 big white lanterns that would also hang.  I wanted to incorporate the whole room.

And then for food. We made some, bought some and had some catered.  All in all a success.  I was able to get my craft on and my pinterests boards were put to use.  But most importantly my bestie and her hubby were able to relax and enjoy their reception and take it all in with out any stress or worry! I couldn't be happier!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


A few more projects I have been working on.  This is my second collage wall.  Can you tell I really dig these?  I feel it is a great way to display your pictures.  Gives it a little more pop if you will.

It's a little frustrating centering all the frames, but it was all worth it.

Oh, and this beauty.....  I found her while we were driving to Leavenworth the other day.  I saw a garage sale sign and then noticed some antlers and such.  I made the hubby turn around and stop so I could take a look see, and to my surprise, this was awaiting me.  I scooped her up for $80.00.  Online they are running for $200-$400.  So I'm considering this a steal.

Not sure what I am going to do with it quite yet, but she will be loved!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Random things....

It's super hard trying to take pictures of a constantly moving toddler.  I still try though.  We were walking though Pioneer Square picking up some Pho to go.  My favorite wall must have!  We detoured to the alley way-which I love (and isn't creepy like some alley ways)

I snatched some pics as Max ran away.  Little stinker!

But at 27 months, he is growing by leaps and bounds.  He still jabbers on and on about what ever comes to his mind.  Usually he will take all the words he knows and jumbles them in one long sentence.  He looks at me so intently too when he is talking-like, you're getting this, right?

I usually just repeat what he is saying and he laughs.

He points out all the things he seems on the street.  Diggers, trains, plans, helicopters, bikes, cars, bugs-etc.  It's so cool to witness.

He still insists on snuggling every morning when he wakes, and sporadically through the day.  Cars is still his favorite movie, although he has moved on to Cars 2! This child is obsessed.

He is still enjoying school and now lets me leave with out any fuss at all.

And he absolutely loves Cake Cake.  His catch all for any type of sweets!

Monday, September 16, 2013


 A cute little town Leavenworth is.  It's only about two and half hours from Seattle, however we hardly get out here.  I think the last time was for Oktoberfest,  a few years before Maxwell was even a twinkle in my eye (as my father used to tell me).  Anyways.  Leavenworth is a wonderful Bavarian town.  All the shops and hotels keep up with the theme.  Even the Starbucks plays along.  

I heard they do a cute Christmas presentation, with tree lighting, carolers, and sleigh rides.  I think we will have to make a trip back come December.

We had a great time.  It was super warm and a perfect day.  Max even got an outfit.  A nice traditional lederhosen ensemble.  Oh, I am positive he will hate us when he is older.  But how stinking cute is he?


oh yes, this did pop!

Friday, September 13, 2013

makes me smile....

Things that make me smile....

Max attends preschool across the street from the University of Washington.  A beautiful area of Seattle. When I drop him off I usually have three hours to kill (mama time), and I find myself walking the neighborhood.  For some reason it makes me happy to watch students walking to class.  Some you can tell are freshman.  I imagine the jitters they must feel.  Maybe having traveled hundreds of miles to attend this University.  Anxious about being far from home.  Missing their friends, and their sense of normalcy.  I find myself happy for them.  Happy about the experience they will have.  Their early 20's. Remembering mine.....

I know it seems like an odd thing to be happy about, but it just makes me smile.  Perhaps because that time in your life, although some days, months, years were hard as hell; shaped us.  Molded and transformed us.  It was a time when I thought anything was possible,  and the world was indeed my oyster.  And what an amazing feeling that was.

And of course I see Max in these kids.  I wonder what things he will want to conquer and explore.  Will he be motivated to change the world or maybe just his perspective?  Oh the possibilities he will have, and the places he will go.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

getting my feet wet...

I got the opportunity to take some more pictures.  I am trying to get my feet wet in all sorts of photography and Max is getting tired of always being my model.  

Here are some pics I took at one of my favorite places in Seattle, The Sculpture Park.  I can see where I still need work and where I need to slow down.  But it was fun to do and I can't wait to do more :)

Would love any feedback, if you have any!

Currently {a link up}

                                                                            Harvesting Kale

Currently Max is Needing to bring a bucket of cars every where he goes.  Its quite handy so I don't dissuade him.  Where ever we end up, he dumps out his trucks and cars and has at it.  Pretty sweet to watch actually.

Currently Max is Re-reading Good Night Moon.  I love this book so I am so glad he has a renewed interest in it.  I also recently bought him Good Night Ocean when I bought our membership to the Seattle Aquarium.  Now we can learn all about the under water critters.

Currently Max is Wearing some cute fall clothes.  Even thought the temps reached 90 degrees yesterday.  I guess I am excited for jean and boot season to start.  Max got his first pair of skinny jeans.  I heart them.

I am currently Picturing how I will decorate our new house in California!  I still haven't even seen this beauty! Can you imagine?  We go in a few days to finally see it.  I can't wait to get my Home Good shopping on.

We are currently Expecting a busy Fall and Winter.  California next week, NYC in October, Alaska
Family coming for Thanksgiving, and a family trip to Panama in January.  Holy Moly we are busy!

have cars, will travel

and more cars
at work with Dada.  Notice the car? Lol!