Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A lil more ink....

So this original tattoo started like 5 years ago.  Initially it was just the hummingbird and the hibiscus. (The hibiscus is The Rose of Sharon, the National flower of South Korea.)

I sort of did it on impulse and didn't put a lot of though into placement, shading, and size.  I was just caught up in the excitement of it all.  After about a year, I was feeling the itch to do more.  I shopped around and reconnected with an old artist who was able to reshape and add flowers to it. 

I loved the way it turned out.  The plan was to return soon after for some more shading and smoke around the flowers.  Then I got pregnant.  They don't recommend you get tattoos while pregnant due to the chance of infection.  As for the other two years, well I just got lazy.  So last Friday I finally gather the courage and the time to have the last installation of my arm completed.

I love it!  It feels more like a complete piece now!!!  But damn did it hurt!!

What's next???