Monday, September 16, 2013


 A cute little town Leavenworth is.  It's only about two and half hours from Seattle, however we hardly get out here.  I think the last time was for Oktoberfest,  a few years before Maxwell was even a twinkle in my eye (as my father used to tell me).  Anyways.  Leavenworth is a wonderful Bavarian town.  All the shops and hotels keep up with the theme.  Even the Starbucks plays along.  

I heard they do a cute Christmas presentation, with tree lighting, carolers, and sleigh rides.  I think we will have to make a trip back come December.

We had a great time.  It was super warm and a perfect day.  Max even got an outfit.  A nice traditional lederhosen ensemble.  Oh, I am positive he will hate us when he is older.  But how stinking cute is he?


oh yes, this did pop!

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