Friday, September 27, 2013

lets celebrate!!!

I mentioned last month that my dear friend got married.  Well this weekend we finally got to celebrate their union with friends and family.

I was lucky enough to plan and host the event.  My biggest undertaking yet as far as party planning goes.  As soon as I took the reins from Merry, I was off and running.  My first place?  Hobby Lobby.  I freakin' love that store. However, walking the aisle with a two year old leaves little to enjoy.  Most of my time was spent saying "don't touch that, get that out of your mouth, don't climb on that", etc.  I was still able to load my cart though.  This mama will not be sabotaged! Not even by a small monster child.

My vision was to create an intimate theme that was personal and fun.  Merry is light and fluffy, sugar and spice, while her Hubby is well....dark. Ha, no but really.  He sort of looks like a serial killer, but in a good way? As if being a serial killer could ever be good.  Well anyways, under that scary exterior he is a soft teddy bear.  Well maybe not soft, but a teddy bear none the less.  For him, I wanted his style to be represented as well.  But instead of black and ominous, I chose gold and glitter.  Same, same right?

So I bought a bunch of frames and painted some gold while leaving some rustic.  I bought a bunch of mason jars (.20 cents at Goodwill) and tied either ribbon, straw strands or rhinestones around them.  I filled those with fresh flowers from Pike Place Market.  I bought some lace table cloths,(also from Goodwill) and some burlap.  I also used some chalk board paint and made some signs.  I hit up some Etsy as well.  I got the coolest guest book from that site.  It was just a simple piece of wood that was personalized with their wedding date and initials.  A big hit!

Then there were some other ideas for the space.  I bought some paper (wrapping paper actually) and cut out pennants that would hang from above.  I bought 6 big white lanterns that would also hang.  I wanted to incorporate the whole room.

And then for food. We made some, bought some and had some catered.  All in all a success.  I was able to get my craft on and my pinterests boards were put to use.  But most importantly my bestie and her hubby were able to relax and enjoy their reception and take it all in with out any stress or worry! I couldn't be happier!


  1. Ohmygosh - you did SUCH an amazing job! It looks beautiful and everyone is clearly enjoying themselves. Congratulations - that is not an easy feat to pull off!

    1. Thank you for saying that! It was fun to do. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!